Sep 27, 2020

Being called the Anxious mum

 Anxious Mum

My youngest is now 2yrs old and finally a lot of professionals are currently taking me seriously despite the fact that I'm actually trained in children with autism (mainly due to my oldest now 15 being diagnosed with adhd and a typical autism) , but also because I have worked as a 1-1 with children with a range of SEN in schools. I also have qualifications in Caring for children and young people and also children and young people mental health. 
However despite my training I have come up against walls from GP's , who have accused me off been a Anxious mum. 

So to put this into context and how it all started , i will give you our background info. 

Pregnancy was pretty ruff, I had early on bleeding and had a scan at 6weeks as i was bleeding like a heavy flow period. This continued throughout pregnancy. At the 20week scan I was told they thought was a issue and he had a hemivertebrae, given the option to terminate. Then throughout the rest of the pregnancy saw a number off professionals who then couldn't see the hemivertebrae. I was also suffering from dizziness, light head and nearly fainting daily. I had to attend a number off hospital appointments to check on me and the baby. I was told the baby was small, and they were concerned and keeping a eye on the oxygen and blood levels as they were lower than they liked. It had all ready been decided i was going to be induced at 36weeks.  Before that I was on daily , reduced to every other day check ups and monitoring. 

The induction its self is another story, which i will go through on another post. 

Once baby was here, all seemed fine, we didn't need the baby unit, we were let home a few days later. 

Now this is where the anxious part started to get thrown in. 

Once home the first 6 weeks seemed fine, although the baby was having bad tummy, so on advise of the health visitor she got his milk changed to a alternative as she thought he had a milk allergy. As the days went on, the baby got worse and wouldn't feed. Often screaming a lot. Nothing would settle him and when i say he was crying a lot, i mean so much so my neighbours actually reported me too social services. Luckily my health visitor was aware of the problems I was having and the amount of hospital trips and amount of milk changes the baby had. 

I new was issues, and I even kept trying to seek advise from the GP, and it was so bad I was attending the GP once a week! I kept getting told everything was normal and fine and i was very frustrated. I new something was wrong and nothing seemed to be working, it was just screaming all the time. Before I new it we had about 3 hospital stays since he was born at it wasn't even 2 months since he was born. 
I had issues one time in the hospital being told i was feeding him too much by a nurse. When he wasn't feeding at all. 

Luckily the health visitor was listening and she was getting him weighed and reporting it back to the GP but the Gp wasn't listening. My Gp had my red book and then told me she thought he was just small for his age. However something suddenly clicked as the health visitor insisted the GP to get us to see a specialist  and we got a letter through for a month later. 

Once at the hospital we we basically told we were staying in. The DR was not happy with his weight and finally listened to my feeding problems and even tried to feed him herself. We stayed in a week and he was tube fed. We also got a diagnosis off bottle aversion. 

So after months off struggling, someone finally listened and we got the help we needed. However my file still says I'm a anxious mum. 


  1. That sounds really scary! I'm glad to hear you're getting help for your baby now!

  2. It sounds like you had good reason to be called an anxious mum! That would stress anyone out!

  3. Major stress! Glad you got through. My wife had a similiar (ish) story with our second son. I think sometimes they forget we are parents and know our children better than they do.

  4. I totally agree with Whitney, I wouldve been super anxious too! Glad you got through it okay!

    🌿 Marissa Belle × 🌿

  5. Personally I think if you aren't anxious about being a mom you aren't doing it right. You're supposed to worry about everything. You're in charge of yourself and others now and that's a lot of work.

    Thank you for sharing your experience. The best thing we can do for eachother as mothers is to let others know that they aren't alone in this.

    I hope the future is a little less anxious for you.

    Patty from

  6. Anxious ! I would be too - glad all was ok


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