If you have not heard of Airtime rewards then Im here to tell you about them. Airtime awards allows you to earn money every time you shop with stores that have joined them. You then use the rewards to pay off your mobile phone bill. 

Since Joining Airtime awards in 2019 i have managed to make £116.26 just from doing my normal shopping. You earn the rewards by adding your card  or cards you normally use to shop with. Then when your shopping online or in store, airtime rewards pick it up. 

The amount of award amount change every few months and can be anything from around 2% - 5%. There are a number off companies that have joined up the rewards from Clarks, Primark, Misguided, bodyshop and boots. So why not earn money while doing Christmas shopping. 

I have a referral code so if you want to join then please use my referral code and we can both get £1 when you join and also a further £2 each when you spend within 5 days :) 

Code - Q6U36HG4

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  1. Have heard so many good things about Airtime Rewards maybe its time I signed up!


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