Sep 17, 2020

Snag Tights 80 Denier Mock Garter


Snag Tights is a female led company and they have employees from all over the world. They support LBGTQ+ and they say that regardless how you identify they believe in your right to get tights that fit. 
They are passionate about making everything they can sustainable and environmentally responsible as possible. They vegan-friendly, and don't use any plastic in their packaging. They are currently working on the world's first fully bio-degradable tights.
Snag tights are a fully inclusive brand and wants to make their tights available to everyone off all shapes and sizes. 

I put in a order for a few items but this Mock garter in Red is one of the items I just couldn't wait to try, I have also ordered it in black but have to tried that on yet, so will post when I do. 

This was the first pair of Snag tights I have ever worn, and I have to say I am impressed. Being a size 24, I often struggle to find anything wide enough to fit my fat top thighs. I was really happy that these fitted me very well, and I didn't have the worry off them falling down, which is also something i have experienced a lot. 

These tights come in sizes 4 - a plus size 36 so suitable for everyone. They are 80 denier and a mock garter They are priced at £10.99 which is a fantastic price. 

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