Oct 20, 2020

Items needed for a new born

 Being a first time Mum, you often wonder what you need. Many first-time mum's panic and over buy. They will often Google search and reach out to friends and family, who have had babies asking what they need to pack in their bag and what the children need for when they get home. Items are changing all the time, and recommendations. I have noticed a huge change in recommendations from my 15yr old to my now 2year old. However, this is a list of items that I feel you need no matter what year it is.  You will able to make sure you have everything required by using this printable checklist click here to view. 



First thing first is milk, this one is important as unlike 2005, milk is no longer provided in hospitals and you need to provide your own. This is something that often is not available in stores, however I have seen some SMA bottle packs in BOOTS stores and also online (click here to view amazon ), also google search shows some aptamil bottles too. Remember these packs you will use in hospital if not planning to breast feed. However, I have known mums who are planning to breast feed to also take a pack in case they have issues. I used the ones in hospital. Also remember the baby might not drink all the milk, so it might be worth having your own bottles a teats too, as you can pour half the liquid in another bottle and store on in the fridge for the next feed, and warm up in hot water before feeding.  You may also want to get a breast pump, and also bottles and milk if not beast feeding or combine feeding, If you get bottles you will also need to sterilize tablets and also a cleaning bottle brush. I used a number of bottles, I started with Mam bottles and then switched to Dr browns, which I found a lot easier. 

If your planning to breast feed then make sure you have some nursing bra's, I would normally suggest buying a size bigger than your one for pregnancy as your boobs will swell. I didn't breast feed, but i still bought a nursing bra, as my boobs ballooned and we really heavy and sore.  I recommend these M+S bras, as I have large boobs before I was pregnant and these start from a B - G cup. The ones above are 2 for £20 which i think is amazing. Click here to view them and others.   Its also important to remember to get some breast pads to, as even though I did not breast feed, i still had a little leek. 

Other essentials you will need are obviously nappies, there are hundreds off different nappy options, from store own brands, well known brand and reusable. Some councils offer money for using reusable nappies, so if your planning on this option then ask your local council about it, or give google search a look. If you live in Bournemouth, Poole or Christchurch areas click here to find out more.  For me personally I bought pampers nappies to start with and boots had a great deal of 5 packs for £30. I also bulk bought loads of wipes and got lots of points. I will be doing another blog on it, but rewards for buying items you would normally buy are great, especially the points you get from boots with their boots card and joining the parenting club, its currently 4 points per pound. Once my little one was a bit older I got a few store own nappies, like lidli, Tesco and Asda. He's currently still in a size 4 Asda own and they are great. Obviously the main thing your looking for in nappies are if they fit well, that they don't cause a rash and they don't leak. You also have to decide if your going to go down reusable wipes, as I said above, I went with sensitive wet wipes for me. If your using reusable nappies, make sure you have Velcro, safety pins ect to hold the nappy together. 

I also recommend, that you have baby grows, I like this pack from Next which is £16 and in blue and white but also in other colours, click here to view. Also some baby hats, a number of bibs and also some scratch mittens so they don't hurt themselves.  

Its important if you drive to make sure you have a car seat suitable for a baby, or if you are returning in a taxi home to also have a car seat for the baby, and its fitted correctly. When looking at pushchairs, make sure its suitable for a new born and lies flat, remember the baby will grow fast so I recommend, picking up any baby items other than a car seat second hand. I have bought a few pushchairs, clothing through Facebook market place. There may also be local gifting sites you can use, some are groups on Facebook which you can pick up baby clothing, baby chairs ect. Please make sure all items are cleaned and working correctly though. 


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  2. I remember this well. It seems like you want a lot of stuff but actually what you need is less and things that work well. Thanks for sharing #parentpower

  3. Great advice here. Lots of vests and baby grows are needed. Poop and Puke gets everywhere. #ParentPower

  4. Lovely - my neice will love your suggestions


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