Oct 1, 2020

MyBump2baby Blogger


MyBump2Baby was set up in September 2016. Intially, MyBump2Baby was simple a blog for new mum Carla to write about the loves and challenges of taking care of her first baby. Vowing to be honest and show both sides of motherhood, her blogs quickly gained attention from other mummy bloggers and those looking for support alike. With readers regularly commenting on posts, a community formed around the blog and numbers continued to grow.

MyBump2Baby directory now connects other parents to thousands of companies, events, and classes in their local area in just a few clicks.

MyBump2Baby app allows parents to see most recent posts, check out people via profile and users can type in keywords for example “teething, potty training, motivation” etc.This popular section also allows parents to “favourite bloggers”. 

Iv joined there list so add me and your other fav parent bloggers 😊

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