Oct 2, 2020

Black Cat Awareness


October is Black cat awareness month. This is because Black cats are are often seen differently then other cats, when they are actually the same and need as much love as all over cats. Cats protection have found that black cats are harder to adopt than other cats and they hold a black cat awareness day every year on the 27th October.  Click here to find out more  about the cats protection day. 

There are a number of superstition's around black cats which also include that your luck will not be very good especially if a cat walks out in front of you. Which is obviously not true. 

In the past 8 years I have owned 2 fully black cats, I re homed one from someone who lived in a top floor flat, and knowing her now, I understand why they were looking for a new home for her, as they were trying to keep her as a indoor cat, but when she came to live with me, she was always trying to get out of my down stairs flat. I kept her in for a few weeks, with her driving me crazy climbing everything and also weeing everywhere as she was obviously distressed. However once I let her out ( I was lucky I could just open the window and she had had grass, and also she liked to jump the fence and go over the train track! ) She turned out to be a very good at hunting and often bought us treats. One occasion she bought us a hole seagull! She would sleep in bed with me, and purr. We got another black cat a few years later who again is the kindest sweetest cat, also loves hunting and snuggles in bed. 

I'm not stranger to cats, I have grown up with many cats at one point mum had 6 cats all different colours and breads. The only difference in a cat is their personality. Some might not be snuggle cats as i call them and used to children with asd and wanting them to lie on the bed all night, and watch tv. But that's like humans right? 

Do you have a black cat? What do you love most about them?


  1. There is a statement in my Blog...
    Willie Is Strictly A Pussy Cat Lover, And Has Had Cats Since The Day He Was Born,
    In Fact The Very First Night After Being Born At Home, His Mum Laid Him In His
    Basket, Their Pussy~Cat Came And Cuddled Up And Slept With Him, And Did So Every
    Time His Mum Laid Him To Rest In The Basket....
    Willie Has Always Had A Special Relationship With All Pussy~Cats..! :).

    And No! I've never had a black cat, not because of any silly superstition...
    Just did'nt happen, like my opinion of people, colour means nothing to me..
    You are what you are..
    I have'nt had pussy~cats for some years now, thought it for the best, though
    l do have one eyed Flossie who lives to the right of me, and Fudge who lives to
    the left of me..they pop round for milk, a chat, and what ever else is going,
    l've got photos of Fudge, sniffing and pulling food off my plate..he does'nt
    run off with it, just sits there enjoying it with me..!

    Goodness! Better stop there..otherwise l'll go on for ever about cats...!
    I have a trilogy in my life.."Love Food..Love Cats..Love Pink"..Amen to that..! :)
    ✨ 🍑 ✨ 🍑 ✨ 🍑 ✨ 🍑 ✨ 🍑 ✨ 🍑 ✨ 🍑 ✨ 🍑 ✨ 🍑 ✨ 🍑 ✨

  2. I love black cats, I think the colour of their fur makes their eyes look amazing!


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