Oct 11, 2020

Dairy Free Food For Baby- Toddler


Having a toddler or baby with a dairy-free allergy can be extremely hard. My youngest suffered with milk allergy from a very young age. We were given multiple dairy-free options for baby milk. However it caused a lot of problems and we ended up in Multiple trips to A&E. Luckily around 8 weeks on his last trip to A&E regarding milk problem  they switched him  on to SMA alfamino and carobel ( a thickener).This seems to relieve a lot of the problems.  However he then had bottle of version.

 After a week in hospital being tube fed. He huge weight loss that he had suffered,  he would switched to a high calorie milk again dairy-free, and we were told to start weaning early. The problem was finding baby food that contain no milk.

 Below is some of the products that I found that contain no milk  that we have been using  since then and now he's 2 years old.


Ella's Kitchen Diary Free Range, Available in Boots, Tesco and Other supermarkets as well as Amazon.

Hipp Baby rice, you add your own milk to it, its made with rice flour

Organix fruity apple porridge

For Aisha meals are all dairy free, Gluten free and halal available in most stores and online. Click here to view their range.

Kiddylicious has a big range that is Dairy Free and offers a selection area on their website to check what is in their snacks. click here to view their website

                                     Holland and Barrett little Pasta, Click here to Buy £1.99

Dairy Free Butter, it actually tasted fine, available in the dairy free section in stores. click here to view website, and the other dairy free products they offer like cheese.

Alpro soya yogurts are great for both baby's and toddlers and my son loved these. We found these in Tesco in the dairy free section. click here to go to the alpro website and find other great dairy free products.

Violife Cream cheese and cheese. My son loves these. click here to view the range.

For Toddlers I really recommend these books, as I loved the recipe ideas and it was great for all the family.

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  1. I didn't know Tesco holds dairy free yogurt of Alpro its my favourite milk. I will check the dairy free butter as I use it in baking. Thank you for sharing this article its scary since Im dairy free I feel its limited for babies.

    1. Yes is a nice selection in tesco. I found my asda is very limited and its only a short walk from my house which is annoying.
      Its very hard to find fairy free baby items, i stuggled when was in hospital as alot the food they have isn't dairy free. Alot of the jars also say may contain, which obviously is a no go

  2. I had a milk allergy baby too (well he's a milk allergy teenager now). Some really helpful ideas here!

  3. So much choice - will show my neice this

  4. I didn't realise there were so many options, looks like there are lots of great products out there!


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