Oct 30, 2020

Dorset Mums, Christmas Gift Of Love Appeal 2020

 Dorset mums , Christmas gift of love appeal 2020

Dorset Mums Is raising awareness and organising again this year the Christmas Gift Of Love Appeal 2020. Let face it was all need to share some love and do Random acts of kindness in this current situation with Covid 19 going on. This also means that a lot more older ladies and gentlemen will be even more cut off from the world, even those who do have families. 

The Idea of The Christmas Gift Of Love Appeal is that you help by making a easy to open gift for someone either in a care home or visited for by a carer. This means just wrapping it in a gift bag with some tissue paper on top to ensure its easy to open. 

You can join Dorset Mums Facebook Group by clicking here

View the website here

Edit* due to the new covid restrictions please keep a eye on the Facebook page off drop off places for the appeal ❤️


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