Oct 12, 2020

Hello Fresh Review and £20 discount

 This month I subscribe to Hello Fresh. If you don't have hello fresh or even know who they are  they are a meal subscription service. You order box each week, and can choose between 2 to 4 meals.  the box comes with a step-by-step recipe,  along with all the nutritional information. All the ingredients are pre measured, and are included in your box. You do not have to order meals each week, as you're able to skip a week or add extra meals to your week. You get to choose and select your meals every week. The boxes are delivered to your house with special ice packs and insulation to keep the Food cold.

 I chose for meals this week,  thyme roast chicken  with roast vegetables and sweet chilli sauce,  crispy chicken and chilli and chive sauce  with spinach and potatoes ,  speedy sausage pasta with spinach  and last but not least shepherd's pie with spring onion mash and green beans. The above picture is all the ingredients I received to make these meals.

                  Speedy Sausage Pasta 

         Crispy Chicken And chilli And Chive Sauce 

shepherds pie

I have a discount code you can use with Hello Fresh. It will give you £20 off your first week. Please use 


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