Oct 27, 2020

Plus Size Clothing for Plus size women

 Where to Shop when your a plus size women

Over the years the amount of stores online and offline has changed a hell off a lot. I remember when I was in my size 32 trousers struggling to find anywhere to shop and the only store was Evans. I used to cringe as I had events planned and limited options to shop, especially as a girl in her late Teens, I found that it was all big baggy tops, flowery patterns and long sleeve dresses which where shapeless. 

Thank god were now in 2020 and there is a huge selection for plus size women and men in the Uk. I no longer need to struggle to find that 1 Evans located near to my house, and I can actually venture into stores, all though a lot of the plus size ranges seem to be easier to get online. 

I am now in my 30's and I currently wear a size 24 trousers and anything from a 18-22 top depending on where its from, however we are all aware that the sizing in stores from item to item is totally off and you have to try a number of items on, in a store made in different countries from one another to find that perfect fit. 

I think this is another reason why I love being able to a lot of my clothes shopping online, as I no longer have the disappointment of heading into town, walking around endless shops trying things on, them not having my size due to having ordered in a limited number and someone else the same size as me getting there before me. I also cant stress enough that I also hate having to line up, go to the changing room and then had back the lady all the clothing that I tried on. Normally unless in plus size stores like yours, the women is also normally a smaller lady, who looks horrified when I had her my size 22 or 24 clothing. 

There are a number of places in which you can get plus sizes including local supermarkets like Tesco and Asda but i often struggle in my local stores to find anything above a size 16. I think that is partly because when they do have it in stock, its picked up by other bigger women as the average size for women is a 16, but i feel like the stats for that now will have changed as more and more people have put on weight. Especially since covid- 19 has hit more people have stress eaten and boredom ate. 

A few off my favourite brand which you are able to buy plus size clothing from are - 


  Shein is a gamble when coming to plus size clothing, they offer affordable normally trendy clothing for low cost. However with it being low cost I have sometimes found items are poor quality or poor fit. The clothing often runs small so you need to size up when buying from them, but where possible check the reviews and size guides to learn more about the items you are thinking about buying I find this really helpful and I have managed to get some great well fitted items. When items have arrived I have found they are well made, and they don't feel like the buttons or zips will break or fall off. There has been some lose threads at times, however I have had that with supermarket own brands too. The only downside to shein is that is based in china, so items do take about a week to get to you, so if you do need it faster then its important to order well before the event as you don't no when it will arrive in my experience. Due to the cost of the items and the returns policy shein have , I never send anything back I have ordered even if its too small, I normally sell it on. 

New Look 

New look is a great website too use if looking for plus size, I have always struggled when I have gone into new look to look for plus size, even when they have the plus size range in stores. I have found the range in stores to be pretty small and when there is one it can be pretty boring as its normally black leggings, jeans and the normal black/white t-shirts mixed with black jumpers. However when you venture online you find a nice range of the latest trends. New Look curve range starts at a 16-32 and its affordable. They also offer a wide foot shoe section and lingerie and nightwear. I was a little disappointed that there cups finished at  a 44 E a lot of plus size ladies have big boobs and a wide back. But then that might be as I struggle with Bras as I am a 38FF. Delivery is fast and you can even collect in store if you want too. 

Click here to go to New Looks Website


Asos is a online shopping store which offers a plus size range, I feel the Asos brand is for the younger plus size community as it likes to have a lot of short dress's and crop tops available for plus size women. Asos wants its buyers to have freedom to express themselves without judgement and have made it possible for plus size women to be able to dress, in fashion items that are not really available to the larger lady. Society would normally not take to well for a plus size women to expose her big thighs.  Asos have clothing from a size 16 - 34 which means no matter what your size you should find items that will suit you. There delivery and returns are also very good. 

Click here to go to Asos's website

Simply Be 

Simply be is another store like Evans that has been around a long time and one of the main stores of plus size, They have a number of shops available which are you lucky to be able to shop in if your near too one. However I have only ever been able to shop online with them. As simply be are not a new online shop or store they have been working in plus size clothing for many many years, they try and stay on trend and know what the customer wants. They offer a range of items including underwear and pjs for plus size body shapes. Simply Be plus size is from 16-32. They also have a bigger selection of items on there site to choose from. They also offer a Men's plus size section. 

Click here to go to Simply Be's website

Yours Clothing 

Yours clothing is another big name in the plus size world of fashion, and been around for 26yrs, they have opened a number of shops which has enabled more and more people to be able to shop in their local high street as well as online. I was actually really happy when a store came to me. However I have been a little disappointed with some of the fashion they have had on offer as most has seemed to be very big, and dark colours, not what is always shown online. Yours clothing offer from size 14 - 40 which is a lot bigger and I feel like its the only plus size store to go up to this size. They also have a selection for Plus size men's clothing which is great especially as men need clothes too. Your able to get your order delivered for free to your local store, which means not paying the £3.99 delivery free. 

Click here to go to Yours Clothing's website


Boohoo goes from size 16 - 24 and they sell clothes that they want to promote confidence. They offer a range off items that allow you to create a day to night time look, or even one to go to work in. They are affordable, Again like Asos I would say there target market is for teenagers as they have a lot of short mini dresses for the plus size girl that loves to show off every inch of their body and ooze confidence. However they also offer styled by there stunning models a range of Jump suits, culottes and split side skirts. Which make outfits more fun and unique. 

Click here to go to Boohoo's website


Misguided want their customers too feel confident and themselves. They make clothing to make you achieve the best you. Again like Boohoo and Asos, there target market seems to be a teen market, as there clothing is fun, colourful and sexy. If you want some sexy outfits then Missguided is worth a look. However they also offer a nice relaxing vibe with their beautiful pastel track suits which would be great to relax in after a nice bath. Missguided clothing is from a 16-28. 

Click here to view Missguide's website

What are your favourite plus size brands?