Oct 10, 2020

Selfie Bag from Cotton Bag Co

The cotton bag company has made a selfie bag with selfie lovers in mind. The cotton bag company knows that getting the perfect selfie all the right lighting is very hard.  they've created unique bag that has it all for £27.95. 

 The bag is very eye-catching and very secure with a zip. It allows you enough room to keep all of your person's belongings. the bag contains a Bluetooth a  tripod selfie stick. Which also has a removable remote control making it easier to take photos. The selfie sticks folds down very small but also expands making it easier to take photos.

There is also pop-up reflector to help you get the perfect lighting for your setups. It also Folds down into the cute little bag that attaches into the big bag.
 If the reflector is not enough they've also included an LED ring light. The ring light has three brightness settings and it can be your phone.