Nov 13, 2020

Another Us Book Review


Another Us Book review

Another Us has been described as a 'funny, poignant and uplifting story about love, family and autism' and is inspired by - but not about - my son who was diagnosed with mild Asperger syndrome when he was ten. In the book, our heroine - Emma - is thrown into a tailspin when she discovers that eight out of ten marriages with a child on the spectrum end before that child is 16. Can Emma keep her marriage together against the odds or is it destined to become just another statistic? I'm thrilled that Another Us was longlisted for The Guardian's Not The Booker Prize and the Joan Hessayon Award and has been reviewed in Woman and Home, Woman's Weekly, Chat and Pick Me Up Magazine, amongst others. "

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I was sent this book to read and review. I am not a huge reader but I thought with it being a lockdown then why not, other than running around after my 2yr old and 15yr old there isn't much too do. So every time I had a spare 5 mins or so I got the book out and started reading. 

When the book arrived it was packaged well, and the book was actually bigger than I expected. Some books I have read have had less pages. I actually like the book cover and that its bright, and actually catches your eye. Having two children with ASD ( autism) this book, is something that i can relate too. Which can be sometimes hard to say when reading a book. My thoughts were will this be a similar experience as my life?, what ill happen? 

Reading the book and knowing as much as I do about special needs, having my own two but also having worked with special needs children the book actually we very honest about how some parents feel when finding out there children have special needs, and that they do research and face a great deal off challenges. As in this book some even face to seeking love, attention and some excitement outside of their "normal". Not only that but it shows the struggles as a family, with showing how it effects the siblings. 

Finally Id like to say that the book is a fantastic read, a real page turner. Its funny and a emotional roller coaster. It Keeps you wanting to know more, and feeling like your really there in the book. Which is a great thing about a book in my opinion. 

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