Nov 2, 2020

Loving cuddles with children to develop mental health and development.

 Loving Cuddles With Children to develop Mental Health and Development

Having warm a loving cuddles with children is important not just to children's mental health and development but also bong building with family members. It also creates assurance to children that they are cared about and loved. 

Cuddling anyone including family member and children is known to help stress and enable you to relax. Its a great way to forget about your worries and smile about life. You can even use cuddling with children as a fun activity, this can be by playing games with them or tickling them when you hug them to make them laugh. This then in turn will help lower the stress level in your brain also known as cortisol. This also means that your reducing your blood pressure, which is good when people have high stress levels or anxiety. 

When you hug people a hormone call Oxytocin is produced which is also known as the love or cuddle hormone, normally you experience this when you also play games with your pets and cats. It helps bonding and can help intensify memories. This is also the hormone that is released during labour and helps mum bond with the babies. You would normally use skin to skin contact to help bond, which is also a form off cuddling the baby. This also stops the baby from crying as they are able to feel the love for them and your warmth. 

Children who are cuddled are also more used to showing affection and being open to receiving it from others ( although this can be different in children on the spectrum, where they might struggle and be more sensitive to smell, touch and feelings. Where as some enjoy it and seek out the pressure, you can have from a hug). When hugging children you are able to communicate with them more and allow them to be able to show feelings and emotions more easily and allowing them to express through hugging is a huge development for children. It also allows them to be able to freely make the choice to enter your personal space and allow a parent into theirs. One of the key things to remember as children grow is that things like a cuddle might not seem that big, however, a child is allowing you to get close to them, this is a form of trust and they are showing and telling you that, at that moment in time they want you near them. 

Without a child learning to trust you they will not develop, or learn the skills they require in day to day life. All the skills you need in life you learn from your parents, key workers, carers and friends and family. Cuddles with children, family and friends build relationships and feelings. They allow the social, emotional and development side of children to start to grown. 

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  1. You simply cannot beat the affirmative effect of a cuddle.

  2. I love that, these days, most parents, families, friends and significant others feel free to cuddle.

  3. Makes world of difference to all

  4. Hugs are the best! I feel they do really make you feel better!


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