Nov 10, 2020

The Christmas Wish Children's Books Gift Guide.


About the Author 

Mike Molloy was born to Irish and Welsh parents, in France, and spent the first nine years of his life growing up in Fontainebleau, famous for its beautiful forest. At the age of 9 or 10, his dad packed him off to boarding school in the UK to get a ‘proper education’, an experience Mike describes as like being ‘in the coldest, most damp awful Dickens novel setting… a nightmare.’ His time at school was made worse by the fact he couldn’t read or write until the age of 12 or 13. His headmaster at the time, Mr Grenfell, used to send letters home telling his dad he was ‘simple and would never amount to anything’. What he and other teachers failed to realise was that he had to translate from French into English, answer in French in his head, before translating back into English. It was a teacher called Mrs Edwards, one of four people to make it onto his list of heroes – Mohammed Ali, Jonah Lomu and his mum, being the other three, who saw his potential and taught him to read and write.

Mike went on to do many things… He started out his working life as a gamekeeper and later ran a plumbing and heating business, but writing always played a huge part in his life. He spent years writing for other people and businesses until one day he realised the thing he most wanted to do was to write children’s stories. By now he had six children of his own, and considered himself fairly well qualified! He has been married to wife Fiona for over 30 years, whom he considers to be his best friend (and kind of mum as well – Mike’s words), and together they live with the two youngest of their six children, along with a tortoise, a budgie, two dogs and a cat, in Derbyshire.


In addition to the ‘Name & the Skinny Monkey’ series, Mike has also written ‘The Nana Troll’ and ‘The Nana Troll 2’, ‘The Saxons’ Socks’ and the adorable ‘Tale of Two Foxes’.

About The Christmas Wish

The Christmas Wish’ - is a delightful Christmas story that will enchant all those good little children who often put others first. It also shows us how Father Christmas is always watching to see who to put on the good list.


What’s more, it features YOUR child (or a child you know) as the lead character.


‘The Christmas Wish’ forms part of the ‘Name & the Skinny Monkey’ series of books, which was developed by Mike to help little people through what can be difficult times in their lives, a trip to the dentist, or to impart an important message, like it’s good to put others first.


Each book is personalised so that the story is told from the child’s perspective. The child’s name features on the front cover and throughout the book; they are the star of their own story, accompanied by the ever faithful ‘Skinny Monkey’ on the next big adventure – there’s even a photo of them inside the book.


With six children of his own, author Mike Molloy is never short of inspiration for his children’s stories. All are based on real characters in his life – don’t ever cross him or you might be the next to star in a story - and real everyday events.

 His daughter Ruby, now aged 15, was the original lead character, and his stories were initially written for and about her, to help her through small, possibly worrying occurrences in her life, like going to hospital to have an operation. “It can be scary, when you’re little, to go through what may seem like minor things to grown-ups, so having a story that deals with everything from injections to going to the dentist, is a huge help to any child. Imagine being given a book that not only has your name in it, making you the star of the story, but the character even looks like you and to top it all off, your photo is inside the book!


Children receiving a book like this will treasure it and read it over and over again; it will never end up in the discarded pile of unwanted ted books in the corner of their bedroom,” says Mike.


There are eight stories to choose from, each tackling a potentially challenging moment in a child’s life, or topic Mike feels is important for children to have on their radar, such as ‘it’s ok to be different’. They enable grown-up and child to sit together to read about and ultimately talk about something that will seem a lot less troubling, once discussed out loud.


‘The Christmas Wish’ is a perfect stocking filler and costs £24.99 available from

Titles in the ‘Name & the Skinny Monkey’ series (as of August 2020)


‘When I Grow Up’ - When Grandpa came to pick "Name" up from school one afternoon, there was great excitement after a special visitor inspired a brilliant afternoon of fun and dressing up. A story that will help children to imagine themselves living any future life they want to live.


‘A Trip to the Dentist’ – Accompanying Grandma on her trip to see Dr Ross, the smiley dentist, was a lovely day out for Name and her Skinny Monkey. 


‘The First Injection’ - A must-read for any little one who might be worrying about an upcoming trip to the doctor’s for an injection.


‘A New Best Friend’ - Written to bring a bit of happiness to all little children who might be having a bad time and could do with a little friend to hold their hand.


‘The Big Bully’ - When little ‘Name’ started her new school everything was lovely until she met Jasmin, the big bully. ‘Name’ shows everyone that being strong and kind is always best in the end. 


‘The Litterbugs’ - A heart-warming story of how a trip to the park ended in little ‘Name’ helping a hurt baby swan and teaching everyone exactly why we should never litter.


‘The Easter Bunny’ – is a story that deals with kindness and magic at this very special time of the year. ‘Name’ shows that a kind heart and a sweet nature is always repaid by good things happening in return.


‘The Christmas Wish’ - is a delightful Christmas story that will enchant all those good little children who often put others first. It also shows us how Father Christmas is always watching to see who to put on the good list.


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