Dec 8, 2020

Children's Christmas Craft Ideas

 Children off all ages love and enjoy Christmas. It can be hard if like me you have a older child, or a child with special needs who struggles to take part in "normal" family activities. Crafts can be great for all ages and get everyone involved. 

If like me do have children with special needs or even struggle in some areas, just adapt the activity or make things simply by cutting out shapes, having lids of pens, having everything there that's needed for the activity. Also make sure you have all the things you need to make the crafts, nothing is more disappointing then thinking your making something then not having the items needed to do it. 

  • Top recommended thing is Christmas Colouring and activities Sheets! You can click here to download my free colouring and activity sheets and activity's for Christmas! You can also pick up colouring books in places like Poundland ect. These are good for when you are cooking dinner, or keeping the kids occupied while you do something else. 
  • My next activity is to pain some fur cones and even leaves. Children love to paint and get messy. You can combine going for a wall and picking items to paint, to then go home and paint them, or even paint them the next day, if your children will allow this. 
  • Use Paint to make a Reindeer footprint or handprint, which is also a keepsake, and you may want to do this every year as your children grow, or even use it as a card to send to love ones. Its a super fun activity. 
  • Make a pompom Christmas tree, by using crafts bought in-store or online, build up the pom-poms and other crafts to make a Christmas tree, then use other crafts to decorate the tree, this can make good Christmas tree decorations and also ornaments for around the home, and gifts for love ones. 
  • Use a sponge to make Christmas crafts, Get a sponge and cut them into different shapes and then make them into fun elf's, stars, Christmas tree and even Santa. 
  • Paper plates to make wreaths to hang on the doors or anywhere in the home, decorate with things you like including leaves. 
Click here to view some Activities for preschoolers. 


  1. Looks so much fun - crafting is great anytime of year


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