Finally, the end of 2020, so many people will be counting down the hours until the clock is at 12.01am and will celebrate hoping that the madness of 2020 is finally an end.  


So, what happened to me in 2020?  

I went into 2020 with a boyfriend, we had been together over a year and things seemed like they were going well. when the first lockdown started the flaws like everything started to show, and I needed someone to be there to support me, and he didn't want to, when Boris said about bubbles, we saw each other, then a few days later he ended it. The whole start off lockdown had me question things and wonder if this guy was wanting to be with me long term or not. We had spoken about getting married and him moving in ect, he had his own personal issues, which is another story and something he promised wouldn't get in the way of us, but he let it, he was becoming more distant, and I felt like I was hitting my head against a wall. So that ended. On Top of that the family dog who had been living with me and the boys passed away age 13, it was sudden but in lockdown, she had a number of strokes and the last one she couldn't even stand up, I have a vid of her after it happened and she seemed fine, but couldn't stand. Then to add even more crap into the world, the 8yr old emotional support cat died, out of nowhere she was very skinny and not eating or drinking, the vets took her in did some tests and then found she wasn't going to make it and sent her home again, she struggled through the weekend, even though she could barely walk she made it up to my sons' bedroom and lied on her favourite spot. It was very upsetting when she had to go to sleep.  

Luckily, I only had my scheduled hospital appointments with the 2 yr old, as I kept him off most of the lockdown, when he did return to the nursery for a short while, he was granted extra funding from the council, and one to one support. As well as high-rate DLA, which was a huge surprise. We have also had portage worker sessions, healthcare professionals and even a fire safety check to make sure we are all well and safe.  I have pulled the youngest out of the nursery and he's spending every day at home with me. 

The oldest one is back under a number of medical professionals and returned to school for maybe 3 days. He is not taking his travel and tourism exam in January as he's missed school and not been mentally well.  

Because of the loss of his emotional support cat took a huge toll on him, we have a new cat now, which has helped him and he's enjoyed spending time with him.  

I have gained weight in lockdown, and even though at the start of lockdown, I lost some weight and I was walking miles sometimes doing over 20, 000, Somehow in august I did something to my back and ended up with bad sciatica which meant I struggled sitting, standing or even doing anything. I had physio for it which didn’t really help and strong meds, but I actually went for an MRI on the 27th December and waiting for results, they have suggested it’s a bulging disc and I'm going to need an epidural in my spine. Obviously, this is not something I really want. I have also been told I may have carpal tunnel in my hands so, I have to go to some appointments in the new year and have it looked at.  I managed to complete 4 courses in this lockdown to better myself, for when I finally do return to work.  

Last but not least I started this blog in September, I didn’t think I would blog again after having so many years off, however, I did enjoy it and it did give me something to do other than look after my oldest. Now he’s nearly 15 and with a 2 and a bit on my hands I never thought I would find the time. Fact is this virus has made me realize that Life is short and you need to do things you love. I am so proud that in the short amount of time, I have gained so many readers and followers and worked with some amazing brands. I am so thankful for all the support.  

This year got to watch a film with my oldest 💖 This is a very rare moment 💞

Ordered myself on deliveroo this amazing travel cup , means I can drink a hog drink safely with the 2 year old around 💥

.          Had some great hospital trips.

Managed to enjoy my birthday with a cream tea inspired day 💜

doggie 💙💙💙💔💔

the cat 🐯 miss her so bad 💔

long walks and ducks 💗💗💗


 Finally, what does 2021 bring?  

My final words are that 2021 will bring me more happiness, and inspire me to be the best I can, that Life is not about the scales, or trying to find someone else to make you feel happy or worthy, but to no that you are enough. I will continue with my life, loving my children and loving things I love to do. I will change for myself when I am ready and that change does not need to be losing weight in order to do so but to make sure that my mind, is as happy and as mentally strong as it can be.  

A busy mum and want to lose some weight, click here to see how it's possible or want some ideas on how to key on track for new years resolutions. 

For me saving some money on the household bills is also a great way to help boost my credit sore too. Its also great to remember that a cash and finance mentor, can be a great help in 2021 for anyone struggling. 

If like me you have a teenager who may want to make some money here is a great blog on info on how to find online jobs. 

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  1. Happy New Year!
    By John P. Read

    Brush away old heartaches.
    Learn from our mistakes.
    Another year is finally over.
    A new dawn awakes.

    Let the old year out.
    Welcome the new one in.
    Bury the bad things of the past
    As a new year now begins.

    Make your New Year wishes
    As simple as you can.
    Pray for peace and love,
    Not for wealth or fame.

    Pray for health and happiness.
    Pray for your fellow man.
    Pray for all the ones you love.
    Pray for those who've lost their way.

    As the midnight hour chimes,
    We leave the old and embrace the new.
    I wish the things you wish for yourself,
    And may God’s love stay with you.
    ☆¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆ ★ ☆¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆


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