December Goal for 2020

December Goals

Life has been moving very past for me this year, and I can honestly say I do not know where the time has gone. Especially as most off it has been locked up in my 3 bed house with my 2 children. The first lockdown was harder, as even though I don't work I enjoy to go out, normally to charity shops, town and even taking my youngest to the baby cinema, which in normal times I would be writing about my days out. 

This year has been a eye opening time for me in the fact that I have found that even though i was dating someone, and we broke up after the first lockdown and having months of not seeing each other. I do not plan or wish to be in a relationship. I currently very rarely have any free time, and when I do, I am now putting it into blogging and the children and trying to focus on making myself better. 

Before covid-19, I was struggling with weight gain, depression and anxiety  and a huge amount of stress. I was living in the hospital as I was there every 3 weeks and spending around a week admitted with the youngest. Which was very stressful and challenging especially money wise and having to buy all my food in the hospital ect, as time went on the stress and anxiety from that my weight has been creeping up. I have been struggling in august with bad sciatica pain, which i simply have not been able to shift and I have gone from walking 10,000 steps a day to struggling to do 100 steps. Which again has put a huge amount off strain on my body, depression. I have been extremely tiered and struggled to keep on top off the house work, as bending down has caused me pain. I have had physio who have said I have lost 50% off movement and strength  in my right leg, so I'm trying to do the exercises to help get my movement and getting them stronger. 

My life has been a mess this year so far, and even my eating habits at home have not be correct some days ordering take away 3xs a day which has also lead towards the weight gain, I have gotten professional help and they have said I'm in destruct mode as eating is the only thing I can control and I have been experiencing panic when eating 600cals till 4pm then i panic and order loads of food or chocolate, so im in the process of trying to turn things around. 

be kind to yourself
So what is my goal for December, will that pretty easy, Be kind to myself. This year has been hard, not just because of Covid but because off all the other struggles and issues I have faced and I have not been good to myself. I have been though so much and struggled a lot, that even with the good, bad and the ugly, I seem to have put so much pressure on myself and been letting myself get down and be angry with myself, for not eating correctly, for ordering take away, for struggling with my sciatica and for not having me time. Which in reality is not good, and I do feel disappointed in myself for letting myself feel how I have been feeling. I cant control my life and I most defiantly can not control the corvid situation. I am lucky my family are all as well as they can be other than there "normal" medical issues and that we are all still going including my nan who is 94 this year! Yes we have had to put the cat and the dog down this year which was not expected, yes it did financially make things hard. But fingers crossed we are still going, with the possibility of spending some adult time with someone other than on facebook chat is amazing! 
Im also going to try and get out and walk even if its just round the block, and hopefully show the youngest Christmas lights! Hopefully will lift my mood and help with the Sciatica pain, and be able to strengthen my body again. I am also going to choose to be more mindful when eating and not go on a strict diet like I have been trying to do, but eat better but not limit myself. 

What are you Goal's/Goal for December?
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  1. I'm very much a sayings person...One of my favourites..
    "Onwards and Upwards"
    If you surround yourself with good honest family and can't far wrong, but, life as we know, can
    get you down..basically.."Been there, done that"..
    And Yeah! I was a single parent, for 14yrs, raised my
    daughter through thick and thin..she's 43 now, settled
    with a good job, and children, they just don't
    want any..! And..l'm so proud of her..Not because l'm
    Sicilian, but l'd give my life for her...!

    No real goals for December, lots of fun with family and
    friends..l know l'm a bit of a character, so, l like to
    keep people smiling and laughing..! HeHe! Used to get
    paid for it once..! :).

    So, hope you don't mind an older guy, with a very young
    brain, picking up and reading your posts..there most
    enjoyable...Well done you..! :o).

    One final saying...One of my favourites...
    "May You Always Have Love To Share, Wealth To Spare,
    And Friends That Care"..
    🎅 🎄 🦌 🎁 ⛄ 🤶 🎄 🦌 🎁 ⛄ 🤶 🎄 🦌 🎁 ⛄

  2. Be kind always - been a tough few months


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