Not Just A Princess was written by Gavin Leonard who discovered when he had his daughter Jade and was reading the classing fairy tails and children's books available that females were not being represented the way he hoped. His Wife Shannon set him a challenge, not thinking he would take her up on the challenge to create his own books. So he did, and Not Just A Princess was born. He wanted to inspire young girls, that they didn't need to grow up to be a singer, dancer or model and that they could become a president or a astronaut. He wanted to also use the time he spent with his daughter Jade to document what they had done together. 

The books are designed for children between the ages off 3-8, however my son who is 2 enjoys looking at photos and making noises and pointing things out, like all books as he has delays we look at photos and point things out and say words. The pages are made from high quality paper. Each book has 32 pages, which means its not too long. The books are also available world wide, which means no matter where you live you are able to buy these, and also spoil any friends or family members too. 

✔️ Triggers Critical Thinking  
✔️ Showcases Bravery 
✔️ Encourages Equality 
✔️ Inspires Independence 
✔️ Shows your little girl that she 'can do ANYTHING' she puts her mind to.


I was sent some books to review, not having a daughter myself but having a son, these were a great idea for him to also see that women are able to do the job that typically you would see a man doing. I am very much that any gender can wear, and do what they like as long as they are not hurting other people. The books arrived very well packaged, and when I first opened them i noticed how colourful they were. My 2 year old also seemed to love them as he was making a lot of "oooo" noise's. Included in the pack are 4 books "Jade and the temple of trouble", "Jade's fan-tastic Athletic Adventure", "Jade's Secret Santa!" and a Colouring Book. The colours, graphics and details in the books is simply amazing and any child will love these, and love to get them as a gift. 

The books have so much details in them that A lot of children will enjoy these book's, I don't want to give the stories away as I want you to enjoy them. The words are big as easy to read which makes it easier for children to read along too, or find words that they recognize as they grow older. The books will be loved over and over again buy children off all ages. The pack also includes some stickers which are great and my 2yr old wanted to stick them on his amazon kids tablet. The colouring book is not like "normal" colouring books, its more of a colour in story, which allows children to use their own imagination as to what is happening and what colours to use to colour it in. Why not use the colouring book and make your own story? 

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If you would like to win one of these bundles, I have 3 to give away to my readers, then 
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  1. ooooO! One of my neighbours, Wendy, live a couple
    of doors away, she has two granddaughters, and
    l'm sure at the age they are would love these books..! :).

    Ideas for a book..anything really as long as it to do
    with animals..! :O).

  2. my twin great nieces would love these books . Thank you .

  3. my nieces would love these!

  4. There was two brothers that spent all there days dreaming of the world outside of their home, but no one risks getting lost in the great darkness that await outside.. but they will find a doorway to somewhere that has the key to banishing the darkness forever.. these are their adventures as they try to save the world they belong while becoming heroes in this new land they can also call home @cyphajaxx10

  5. Sally Collingwood3/12/20 11:17

    This book is gorgeous

  6. a nice giveaway for nieces little ones thanks

  7. Our little princess would be over the moon with this.

  8. These look lovely books my daughter would love these

  9. These books look fantastic. For parents who want to encourage our children to be inspired to be whatever they REALLY want to be.

  10. I’m not an ideas person, but the story of my life might happen one day.

  11. My daughter would love this

  12. Anonymous8/12/20 23:21

    These would be great for my eldest granddaughter and then shared with her little sister later too.
    @jaizduck on Twitter

  13. Just as it's important for parents of girls to encourage them, it is equally important for parents of boys to ensure that the next generation of young men treat young women as equals. Even if these books were written with girls in mind, I think they should also be read to boys.

  14. This would be perfect for my partner's daughter

  15. I know my girls would love to have these. Lovely gift idea.


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