Its Important to look after your skin, as it is the only skin you have. So when winter comes around, you notice your skin may show signs of needing some tlc. This could show from becoming Pale, Dry, Cracked or even itchy. The heating we use in our homes, cars, work and any inside building including cinema, pubs ect dry out the skin too, which means we need to look out for it more. 

Skin care needs as much tlc regardless of your skin type, or colour, people who all ready have pale skin will have the same symptoms of those with darker, olive, as we all have the same skin types. Its important to know how to look after your skin in winter months to make sure you get the most radiant skin. 

Items I recommend for all body types is a body Moisturiser , this will help the appearance and also using one that good and has natural ingredients will help the body feel smooth and look healthy. A Lip oil to keep lips from getting dry, and reducing cracks and sores on the lips, because last thing you want is to have sore lips especially in the winter. You wouldn't go out without gloves and a coat on, so making sure the lips are protected is a main thing, as we use our mouths daily for talking and eating. Hair Oil is a must, because the cold air dry's out the scalp which then means you will be likely to get a sore itchy head and possibly dandruff, using hair oil will add a layer of protection protecting it from drying out. Hand cream is another huge item i say you need on the list, this will help keep your hands feeling smooth and not have sores or cracks on them. Remember again our hands are used daily in life, and they should be protected as they make cooking, washing up, being on our phones, or electrical devices happen.

* Items below I will make a small % from if any items are bought.


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