Jan 20, 2021

Activities To Save Money When Dating Online

Here are some activities to save money while dating online.  These can include being at home especially with the world and the pandemic, this is a good way to date and stay on a budget and keep safe.

Cook Together

Cooking a meal together can be done on your own, based on the current situation or as a date later in the future. In order to do this, you can decide what meal you fancy cooking whether it would be a fancy meal or a fun meal. To do this online separate from each other you can get the ingredients with your shopping trip and both make the same item and laugh and chat as you cook the meal, and then eat it together live online. If you're both in the same room together you can choose which bits of the recipe or a course the other person is going to put make. This allows you to bond with the other person, and enables you to know them better and hopefully their likes and dislikes for food. You are able to have fun, be yourself and not take yourself too seriously. It's all about exploring the food and different creations you can create and the bond you can share over food, even if you're a rubish cook. If you're looking for something simple that you can just chuck in the oven and spend more one-on-one time with the other person the Marks and Spencer's and Waitrose do some great ready meals.

Play Games to Bond

Another fantastic way to get to know someone is to play games, this can be board games,  card games or even something like charades. You can also use gadgets like the Xbox or PlayStation 5 this should help create a bond with the person that you're playing with, yeah you might suck but that makes it more fun right?. With the world being how it is you can also use online gaming to help, there is a range of websites including Facebook where you are able to play games with people on your friends' list, that you invite. A big game going around at the moment is the game among us. 

Meeting the right person

Here I am writing a post like your with someone, but I'm single so, if your reading this then you might be too but looking at when you do date what ideas are fun and something you like to enjoy. If you haven't met Mr Right or Mrs Right already, then maybe a blind date could be for you! Your friend or family member might know someone that they think is perfect for you. You might be a bit sceptical but you might as well give it a go, I mean what have you got to lose? If that fails, however, Lincolnshire Singles is always great to try for people who are in Lincolnshire dating. Sometimes it's better to use a website where you pay to date than somewhere you don't, as you find people who are more serious about dating. 

Creating A Playlist

A Simple fun idea is to create a playlist. I don't know about you but one of the things I missed during this lockdown is being able to go out and dance. Yes, I'm 33, but I still like to go to the club, so one of the main things to me,  is being able to enjoy music. You can also learn so much from someones taste in music. Also its ways good to have a relationship with someone who likes similar music to you, because the last thing you want is music you hate and have to listen to if you do go in the car on a long drive. I personally would rather be in the car singing along making memories together.  You can do this by using Youtube to create a playlist that you both share and add music too, or also apps like Spotify. It can also be a great way to discover new music and artists you like and can enjoy together. 

Keeping Fit

If you're a sporty type, or like working out, watching your weight, or possibly you are trying to get healthy and fitter then the other fun free thing you could do together is doing some workouts online. You could do this by either going onto Google and searching for FREE workouts or find a fitness app or a site like Youtube that's free. If you already used or no how to use zoom then both of you can do the same exercise at the same time. This should be seen as having fun, and not taken to seriously unless you're ok with friendly competition. You could use your Fitbit to see who burns the most cals, or does the most steps. This is also a great way to keep motivated and have someone who is into the same things as you and you can both achieve your goals, or even be shown a new workout you may love to enjoy. 


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