Jan 18, 2021

How To Save Money And Date Online

I've been dating online for a number of years. It can be difficult and it can be hard however in this blog I thought I'd share some tips and how to save money when dating online. 

Get to Know Who you're talking too

Don't go on a date with someone that you don't see a future with, it is pretty simple don't rush into meeting someone and spend time getting to know them. A lot of people seem to be very quick to rush to meet, sometimes this can be a warning sign. Before you meet someone you need to get to know them better, by spending a little time talking to them, see if your values match each other and if the person you're talking to really is who they claim to be. 

How to save money

If you do decide to go on a date plan, then I suggest a way to save money is to split the bill. This is done by only paying for your half of what, or having an equal split if the person you're on a date with, has ordered the most expensive thing, and you're paying more than what you actually had. It is also important to remember that while it's nice to pay for someone on your first date you may not see this person again and you want to invest in the person that you want to date and get to know more, than just once. If you paid for every date that you go on, then you probably won't have any money left in your bank, to spend on things you actually need. 

Use a dating site

You can actually save money in the long run by using online dating websites.  Using a site that you pay for can help improve your chances. Dorset singles are able to use the website Dorset dating is a website which is for people living in Dorset to find like-minded people who live locally. This can be a breath of fresh air and mean you find genuine people locally. It also means when using a local dating site that you find people who are serious about dating and save time and money in the long run. 

Get To know Somone Online

Save Money by talking online, using Facebook can also be a great way to get to know someone, as you're able to snoop through their profile, and see the real them. It's also worth noting to make sure you're following a real person when online dating, as there are so many people who claim to be someone they are not, and talking via an online platform that also allows video chat can help with this. It also means you will save money as you're not needing to pay for a subscription to talk to some. It's more natural to also use a site like Facebook to connect, as most people nowadays will use it to talk to friends and family and connect with others. 

Spend Quality time together

Finally, My last money-saving tips are to have dates from home, this can be a great way to get to know someone more and spend quality time together. You can do this by enjoying a Netflix Movie together. This Is great especially as many many people already have it and there is a large range of movies, tv shows and documentaries to watch. You can both settle down and watch something from the comfort of one of your homes, without having to pay out lots of money to watch something together, the bonus is you can have toilet breaks, food breaks and not have to worry about other people!


Have you got any Money Saving Dating Ideas?