Jan 23, 2021

How To Stay Calm And Manage Stress And Anxiety

We all know that staying calm is easier said than done I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and I have done for many years. It hadn't been experiencing it as bad, as I have in the past. I haven't needed medication as I've been able to find ways to manage that so I thought I'd share them with you in this blog post. 

Manage your stress and anxiety

Medication played a huge role in helping me manage my stress and anxiety and then in turned helped me to stay calm. It wasn't a quick fix but using the medication with the other things, I talk about on this post really helped me to control my feelings. When I was first diagnosed with anxiety I also had depression which meant that I was tackling two mental health problems. Finding healthy, manageable ways to manage my mental health is the only way to gain control of your mental health. 

Avoid Caffeine

Everybody knows that caffeine can cause anxiety. Caffeine is found in a range of products from fizzy drinks to a hot drink like tea or coffee. A surprising fact for you is that chocolate actually has a small amount of caffeine in it too, which is why when my anxiety is struggling and I crave something its normally chocolate, as I want the quick fix the sugar gives me and also the small caffeine boast. I've never been a big caffeine drinker, I don't drink fizzy drinks and I don't like coffee. I very rarely drink tea.  however, when I do have anything with caffeine in, would find that my anxiety got worse. Now I drink decaffeinated English breakfast tea which I enjoy from time to time, but it doesn't have the caffeine.

Drinking water

I have found that my anxiety, has actually got better since drinking more water. If you don't drink enough water, you are likely to get dehydrated, this can then cause heart palpitations. Being dehydrated and experiencing the palpitations,  means that you may panic or could trigger an anxiety attack. A a lot of people don't realise that being dehydrated can cause you to feel this way. Its recommend that you drink enough so that you're able to be hydrated and not experience this. 

Turning off Social Media

Turning off your phone and social media this is a huge thing as a lot of people are on their phones 24/7. If they're not on the phone, then a lot of the time they're on their laptops or computers working the white light from the phones, laptops and even tv doesn't help and affect your sleeping pattern and your mind. Also if you're engaged in social media or you're being bullied via social media this can cause you to become stressed, irritated and depressed. Being in a strict routine on how many hours your spending online can be a good way to protect your mental health and mind. This also creates better sleeping habits for your body, allowing it to be more relaxed. 

Have a bath

Have a bath to help relax and control any anxiety or worries. Being able to have a bath and turning off social media and tv and just allowing yourself to easily get lost in a book or soaked in a relaxing bath,  maybe with some oil or bath salts can help your body relax and not focus on the day-to-day. It allows your body to also feel more energized and have some time to just breathe, We all forget how crazy our life is, and how much stress and pressure we put on our body. It's important to take some time in which it allows you to breathe enable yourself to stay calm and in control.

It's important to also make sure the children are happy click here to read about how to make a cosy space for the kids. 


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  2. When I'm stressed or have a bad day I find a bubble bath and a good book really help.

  3. So difficult at the moment - do love a great read and competitions too to destress


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