With the world being so crazy right now I can't help to feel that this may be the New Normal that I have to adjust too and I've got to be honest it does frighten me,  does it frighten you?

My Current Life

I think I've been at home now for about a year, ok I've had the odd trip to the supermarket and I even got really excited about going to B&Q, yes B&Q who would have thought it! Am I the only one who's going to be sitting here hoping that one day we'll be able to have a normal again?

I can't be the only one that's going insane, I can't be the only one who feels like they have watched nearly everything on Netflix. I can't be the only one that struggles to get delivery slot's, however, bad things maybe,  I've got to see some light at the end of the tunnel! Here it is my perfect day when we can finally have a normal day after covid.

My Perfect day

The perfect day would consist of having some time to myself, being a single parent I've had the children all through this with 0 breaks. Before this, the oldest would be at school and the youngest would be at nursery 3 afternoons a week which gave me some breathing time, at the time I'm I thought I didn't actually have long by the time I drop the youngest at nursery got home then had to go back to get him some of the problems is that I don't drive so I'd have to walk home which can take up to an hour.

As much as I would love to go back to normal having some time to myself both the kids at school and Nursery, allowing me some time. so what is me-time? Well in an ideal World me time would be able to go back swimming. I love swimming, I probably would even like to start going back to the gym I'm trying to work on myself this year. If anything staying in, putting on weight, feeling tired all the time, and not having any time to myself has made my depression a lot harder. I do have a lot of down days when I don't want to get out of bed but I have to. There are days when I've ordered food because I can't cook I don't have the energy, and I just feel too tired to cook a meal.  Id love to be able to have some time for me to just be me. Not to always be the cook, a cleaner, a receptionist and a full-time mum would be amazing.

I'm not saying that I don't want to be swimming or in at the gym every day. I mean I'll probably enjoy it but I'd also so like some time to go to the shops or even to the cinema or just do something that I wouldn't normally do. As I'm single now I'd still be spending a lot of time on my own which is a shame however this year I'm going to try and build some friendship groups and be able to socialize. 

Final Thoughts

Finally, on a perfect day, I would love an afternoon tea and then attend a Music Theatre event I love musical theatre if Ariana Grande or Mariah Carey was doing a show that would be in my list of things to do. Then at the end of the day,I would love some food nice hot relaxing bath with some snow fairy from lush to relax and enjoy the end of a great day, followed by an early night to feel refreshed in the morning to deal with the stress of my life.

What would your perfect day be?
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  1. Don't think anyone has had a perfect day in
    a long time now, at least a year anyway! :(.
    All of us are experiencing things we don't
    usually have to..!
    Mums with children, even more so..and l think
    that Mums in general with children, suffer the

    And of course mental issues have become more
    apparent in the last 12 months, than ever before,
    my daughter is a Psychiatrist, and she has seen
    her clients increase over that time, taking in all
    ages...So, it's a problem!

    One thing l have noticed, through the internet, is
    that there are loads of sites, where one can get help,
    or advice with professional people, so it's a good idea
    to use it..if not, at least for some ideas..!

    I retired a year ago..and..l'm still not able to have a
    perfect day..HeHe! I miss my 8:30 walk into town, meet
    up with a few friends in Costa..So, that's a No! No! :(.
    But, l keep busy in and around my home, things to do,
    things to clean, music to enjoy..Keep it Funky..! :).
    So, l don't sit down in front the TV until about four,
    bit of tea..then l can relax a bit...!

    One thing you must remember..Your still a young lady,
    the boys will grow very quickly, then you'll have time
    for your own future..I was young to, as a single parent
    for 14yrs..surprising how quickly it'll pass..!
    And..thinking back, l would'nt have changed anything...!

    So remember...
    "May You Always Have Love To Share, Wealth To Spare,
    And Friends That Care"....! :o).


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