Welcome to 2021 as you should be aware 2020 was pretty s*** year. 

I have been constantly staying in regardless, Ordering items online and only going out if I have too. We all hoped we would come into 2021 being able to see our family our friends go to school and go to work, however it's not played out like that and a lot of us on the 4th of January have been put down into a national lockdown here in the UK. Meaning anyone who can work from home, must do that and you can only leave home once a day for exercise. You also can only go out for a few things which are food, medicine, hospital or go appointments.  A lot of people wanted it to happen and were welcoming the news along with children not to return to school which is my opinion the better option. 

As you may have seen in my previous blogs my oldest son has been at home since September. I have also been keeping the two-year-old out from nursery, this was because I wanted to keep them safe and the youngest was getting ill many times before covid, however, he needed a number of tests after his return in September and August time. Because of not returning to nursery I have given up his special needs funding however we are still awaiting assessments which I hope will go ahead this January despite the national lockdown. 

So what is the plan for January and February? 

 I am hoping to carry on as normal attend appointments and give the kids the best life at home with the occasional exercise outside as I still want to limit contact with other people and exposing them to the risk of the virus. Does this national lockdown upset me or stop me doing things that I had planned or I would normally do be doing yes, however, this is my current normal life if my current normal life consists of 
  • waking up around 8 - 9:00am giving the youngest breakfast feeding myself asking the oldest if he wants something to eat letting the cats out unloading the dishwasher putting on the TV, and then playing with the 2-year old until lunchtime 
  • Around 12 making lunch, eating lunch and then cleaning up. Doing some cleaning, maybe going for a walk.
  •  Put dinner on between 4 and 5  having dinner, washing it all up washing up putting the dishwasher on.
  • Put the 2-year Old to bed. This would be around 6- 7pm this would then allow me time to either have a bath with some Lush products, or I would use this time to write my blog or catch up on my TV shows. 

This would be my life day in day out as well as talking to people like medical professionals and helping my older son with his current problems. 

My goal for 2020 was to lose weight go back to the gym and do things I enjoy working out and swimming,  however that wasn't possible.  I was hoping to spend 2021 focusing on me my weight loss and my journey of loving myself again. However, this does not seem like it's going to be possible so I'll be loving myself and finding ways to lose weight and enjoy losing weight at home which I plan to do some documentation on in my blogs if you wish to follow me on a weight loss so a motivating happiness journey. 

I have some questions for the end of 2021 that I want to come back to at the end of the year they are

  1. Do you still weigh more than you want to or have you lost some weight?
  2.  Are you happy with yourself and who you have become come?
  3.  Have you learnt anything new about yourself?
  4.  Show me a picture from January to now.
  5.  If you could change one thing about the past year what would it be and why?
  6.  What is the thing that you achieved the most of this year?
What Are your hopes for 2021?

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  1. Ive stayed the same skinny ! Hope yo getbout nore - been a long 12 nmonths


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