Feb 18, 2021

Cruelty Free And Vegan Faux Mink Lashes By Jolie Beauty


Jolie Beauty

Jolie Beauty makes sure all their products are cruelty-free and vegan free products. They make sure that they donate to animal charity's and try and raise awareness about animal testing. They list the ingredients of all of the items that they sell on their product pages, so you are aware of all ingredients before you buy. 

Faux Mink Lashes

All of the eyelashes listed on the website are 100% cruelty-free, and are handcrafted using the most realistic Faux Mink. They offer a range of lashes to suit styles and events, these can be daily lashes to dramatic looks for evenings out. Every lash is made from high-quality faux mink. This means they are made from a synthetic material which leaves the lashes feeling like silk. Each eyelash is long-lasting and designed to be worn up to 30 times! There is a range to choose from and you can pick and choose eyelash's individually, or they offer a set of lash's to make sure you have been able to go from day to night easily. 

LashLock Clear Eye Lash Glue

Fake eyelashes are not complete without the trusty eyelash glue, that sick them beautifully in place. This one keeps the lash's stuck and in place all day and night long.  What I personally love about this eyelash glue, Is that it is clear and that unlike other eyelash glue's that are white, this one means that there are now white marks while it's drying. This helps when having to rush and need to leave the house and saves any embarrassing moments. The Glue comes with a small brush, which makes it easy to apply to the lashes. It uses a new adhesive and uses the latest processing techniques and formulation. This is really the Best Eyelash glue there is.  

My Review

I am not a huge eyelash wearer especially not having much time to do my make up in the morning while running around after a 2.5yr old. I wanted to review these products, as I am wanting to get back into finding time for myself, and wearing make up, as before I had my youngest I would love to sit there, and explore new makeup products and experiment with looks. 


The eyelashes are beautifully packaged and come in beautiful fun, pink packaging. The see-through window lets you see the lashes, which is a bonus as you want to see what ones you pull out the draw to put on easily. The removal of the lashes from the packaging was simple and easy, and unlike some others, i have tried they were easy to remove from the box, the box is also a great place to store them to use them again, as remember there is 30 applications to each pair of lashes. 

Application of the Faux Mink Lashes

Application for the lashes was incredibly simple and easy. It didn't take long at all. I used the clear lashlock glue, which glided across the strip. I waited a few seconds, as I guess habit to wait until I feel it is gone tacky and then applied to my upper lash line. The eyelashes felt very soft and looked very realistic. I managed to match them up on the first try, which in the past I have struggled with, however, something with these made it seem easy. 


  1. Heard so much about these - your review is fab !

  2. They look fabulous and it is really good to see the beauty industry offering more products suitable for vegans.


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