Feb 3, 2021

how to be a good parent

When you have children the one thing that you want from life is to be a good parent or a great parent so how do you go about that?

This is what I think you need to do to be a great parent.


 In order to be a great parent, I believe that you listen to your children, at the same time you have to be realistic and no that your not, able to all the time, because that's not achievable. however, you can do the same chunks such as taking 5 10-minutes, from your day to really listen to your child. It doesn't matter how old they are even if they are, remember even when they're in the baby stage/newborn you would sit there copying the noises that they would make, and talk to them. This is the early stages of communication and building a bond with the child. As they get older it seems we forget, to make time to just listen and we claim we don't have time anymore or we simply can't be bothered. 

Children's needs and wishes

 Children's needs and wish's also matter, they need to be listened to and respected in order for them to learn. This also allows them to learn mistakes, and workout problem-solving.  It's important to make sure that children are free to express themselves, through play, learning and even dressing in order for them to become the adult they will become in the future. A lot of parents forget that they used to be children and that they had views and opinions too. Many parents believe they need to be an authority figure and by doing so, forget to have fun with their children, or allow the children to express their feelings. Which is sometimes demonstrated when a child expresses how upset or angry they are with a parent often saying how the parent has let them down or " YOU SAID" and then as parents we get angry. when in reality we need to remember how we would feel in that situation. If our parents came home from work, and we were showing a drawing or wanted to talk to our parent about something, we would become upset and in some circumstances feel like, I won't bother then and it would sit and eat us. Children are the same. 

How to Bond with your child

  • sitting down together this could be reading a book, making up your own story. This could also be through drawing if your child likes to colour or draw, you could draw a picture each and tell a story about the picture.
  •  Use a  magazine a catalogue or even print some photos offline you could make your own book, card, gift, puzzle or card using the paper card, colouring pencils. Arts and crafts is a great way to bond and can be used for a range of activities. 
  • Playing games like matching cards, depending on the age you can play many card games, or use the activities above to make your own card game, and make a set off rules and then play the game. You can also make your own board game, house, farm or anything your imagination wants. 
  • Build with lego, sticker bricks, toilet rolls or even old milk cartons, or tins. This lets you be creative and no matter on the age your ability to engage with an activity with them that they will enjoy. 

 It is great for parents to use their own imagination and to let their imagination happen, a lot of the time parents say "that's not green that's red" when a child thinks an apple which is is a set colour is another colour. Parents forget that they have learned something is a set way because they have been told, that is what something is, but sometimes it can be fun to explore the world of imagination and think a cardboard box is a boat or a car. It's important to allow a child to explore things, and not be in such a strict routine, yes they will learn the basics but allowing them free time to be themselves is so important in development.  Allowing this will help you become a better parent and also learn different ways to bond with your child, you might even learn things you never knew. There is a range of parenting styles that you can read about here. 

Toddler Separation anxiety

If you're struggling with toddler separation anxiety, then there are some great ways you can help your child to settle at school and nursery along with bed times. I know from experience that it can be hard work when you have a child who struggles on their own and even struggles to stay in their own room in the evening. Blogger The Oliver's Madhouse has some fantastic Ideas which you can read about here that may help


  1. Totally agree with every single word here...
    And yes, there is a range of parenting styles...
    As a Sicilian, l can say that Italian parents
    are very focused on their children...
    They like to protect them...They help in their
    children's education and development...
    They care about their children's work, money and

    South Africa, Italy and Portugal have the strictest
    Though Finland, is considered the happiest country in
    the world...and has the best parenting style...!

    But, at the end of the day, it's what suits you, your
    family, and your environment..
    This is a huge question to answer..and, l think you've
    done well to cover all of the problems...!
    With good down to earth answers! Well done!

  2. Thats lovely - parenting styles differ we all want the best for our children

  3. Very true, each person is very different but its always great to get advice from those who have walked the path already

  4. I loved reading this. It's advice I'll pass on to my daughter.She'll be grateful for it.

  5. I really liked this, helpful and practical. I'm popping over from Flea SEO Group :0)


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