Feb 1, 2021

How to Celebrate Valentines Day At Home

This year 2021 it looks more and more likely that many of us will be celebrating Valentine's Day at home I thought I'd create this post on some things that I feel would make Valentine's Day at home feel more special even if you're single like me you can still celebrate Valentine's Day.

What is valentines day? 

Valentine's Day which can also be called st. Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine is celebrated every year on 14th of February, Valentine's Day is basically, a day of "love" which is why it is celebrated. A lot of people will tell the people they love, such as husbands, boyfriend's, girlfriends and partners, how they feel about each other. In order to do this, they normally send cards or gifts and spend a nice romantic day or evening together.

Not Just for people in relationships 

I personally feel that you don't need to just celebrate being in a relationship with someone, in order to celebrate valentines day. It can also be about Love for your family, or your children and sharing your appreciation to them. I have always been single on valentines day and have even celebrated in the past with a good friend of mine, ordering a takeaway and making cupcakes. You could still give them a card thanking them for everything they do. I love to show appreciation, for my family and friends and share the day or evening together making fun memories. 

What do people normally do on Valentine's day?

Normally for valentines day, people would go out to a  restaurant, they are likely to have a three-course meal, which is set and at set prices. This would normally be booked way in advance, and all the restraints would normally be booked up. Other People, will combine a meal out with doing an activity such as the cinema, theatre or even bowling. The evening would be on where people dress for the occasion and normally wear something more dressy than they would normally wear, or go to a restaurant that they normally wouldn't on a normal day, which is likely to be a bit more pricey. The restaurants normally have candles and make it more romantic than they normally would. Also, this is when you would normally exchange gifts with each other if you have not seen each other all day. The gifts are normally cards, flowers, chocolate and jewellery. 

How to celebrate valentines day at home?

In order to celebrate valentines day at home, regardless who you are celebrating it with, I feel that you make it fun. In order to do this, if you have children you can create some activities like cupcake making and decorating in order for them to join in, or even making heart-shaped paper chains or decorations in order to put around the house. Having valentines day at home means it can be anything you want it to be, it can be a fun event or a classy one. 


Use places like Poundland to find cheap decorations, table wear and things you need in order to make your home feel more valentines friendly. These don't also cost a lot but are good enough to make the place look and feel special. They are also great to find the crafting bits for the kids. You can make the room as valentines as you like if you have children or pets, I recommend LED candles and battery lights to keep the place fire-free and safe. The last thing you want is to be worrying about the place burning down. 


Food is something that is important but also fun to consider for valentines day. I recommend some sweet treats if you have children and maybe even a buffet with some fun heart-shaped foods, Or even foods that are pink or red to make it stand out. If you're a couple you might opt for a take away to make these easier. You could also look at the options supermarkets have as they often have valentines day offers available for a set meal for a set price that you can cook.  You can also use this to have family time and activities in order to create cupcakes, and cookies together. 


Some activities to do when at home and celebrating valentines day are to simply enjoy each others company. Watch movies, when my friend came over we actually watched horror films as we are both huge horror film loves, but you can watch anything you like even kid-friendly Disney films etc. Some other activities you could do are to play board games like monopoly, or even charade. The aim is to spend time together and have fun, laugh and smile and make it the best time you possibly can. 

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Do you have any plans for a valentines day at home this year? 


  1. The ancient Romans may also be responsible for the name of our modern day of love...
    Emperor Claudius II executed two men — both named Valentine — on Feb.14th.. Their
    martyrdom was honored by the Catholic Church with the celebration of St. Valentine's
    And did you know what the seven days after St Valentines Day are...
    Rose Day..
    Propose Day..
    Chocolate Day..
    Teddy Day..
    Promise Day..
    Hug Day..
    Kiss Day..

    I'm on me own..so l plan to make one of my own special Pizzas..nice bottle
    of Chianti..And watch the 1967 film..The St. Valentine's Day Massacre...!
    It's on a Sunday, so bound to be some footy on to...! :o).
    🌱 💛 🌱 💛 🌱 💛 🌱 💛 🌱 💛 🌱 💛 🌱 💛 🌱 💛 🌱 💛 🌱 💛

  2. Truely inspirational - valentine's day made extra special

  3. In lockdown me and my daughter have had the time to do lots of valentine's crafting so we are getting up early tomorrow to decorate the house for daddy and big brother and today we are making some valentines day cookies. I think it is about family love too.

  4. We don't need it to be valentines day to be romantic, however we always make an effort on the day itself by not looking at our phones and giving each other our whole attention. Cooking together, for us is fun and then snuggling up with a glass of wine, having some special chocolate and watching movies. ❤


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