Feb 6, 2021

Outdoor Activities To Do With Children

 It is important for children to be able to play outside and explore the world, not from the safety of the home. 

Why it's important for children to do outdoor activities with children

It's important for children of all ages, including babies to explore the outside world. Being outside enables children to not only have fresh air but enables them to learn, explore and develop important parts of their brain. Allowing children to outside let them also use their abilities and enable them to become better at walking, as unlike at home, being outside the pavement and grass is not straight and the textures are different than what is in the environment. It also allows children to be able to explore, and also be out of the "safe" zone, and allows them to be more adventurous and learn what they can and can't do. This is also a great safety exercise for them, as to how will they learn that going near water isn't safe if they are not taken out and told this? Also about dog poo being on the floor and not stepping in it. Being outside allows you to help a child develop and gain the experience that is required when they get older. Even teaching them to walk and be aware, how to cross a road will benefit them. 

Outdoor Activities To Do With Children

  • Collect a range of leaves in a bag, or box to take home and make arts and crafts with. This allows children to explore shapes, colours, sizes and textures of leaves. 
  • Collect acorns to paint, this will help with fine motor skills when painting, but also learn about textures and help with sensory. 
  • Maps, make a map before you leave in places to explore, or the route you are walking if a child struggles with going out and not knowing where they are going, put items the children will recognize, so for me it would be "trees" for woodland, "asda" as we walk past it, "bus stop" as there is a bus stop and then a "house" for our home. 
  • Look and find, Similar to a map, but you will have photos of things for children to find on the walk, that you know are outside, depending on the age this can be as easy or as hard as you think will suit the child. You can mark things like a post box, a car or a coloured car. Then reward the child once home, so this becomes a fun activity they wish to take part in. 
  • Puddle jumping, this is a fun activity even if it is raining, all children like to get wet and jump in puddles, so make sure the children have wellys on and water trousers or even clothes you don't mind getting wet and muddy - this is also a fab activity for children who don't like going in the bath or shower and can be used as a way to get them into the bath or shower. 
  • You can also take toys to play in muddles when out and about, or if have a garden make an outdoor area for your child to play. 
  • bike riding, bike rides or for younger children pushbikes with the handle, or even little trikes are a great way to get children outside and learning coordination skills. 
Kids corner has wrote a great post on why its important for children to be outside. You can read that here.


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