With Easter just around the corner, I wanted to put together some fun ideas that will be fun for meals or snacks for easter that mean that the children might eat their food especially if they are fussy eaters. If there are some items on amazon that I feel might be helpful in order to create these fun food ideas, I have added the link for you to buy if you feel it will make your life easier. 


You can not beat cupcakes and what a child would say no to a cake? There is a number of ways you can make cupcakes depending on the children's dietary needs, and any allergies they may or may not have. You can also keep it simple if your not good at cake making or looking for a quick activity by just buying pre-made cakes that are normally under £1 in the shop, and you can just decorate. This then saves time waiting for them to cool. You can then top the cupcakes in a delicious range of buttercream or icing, along with colourful sprinkles and edible treated. This allows children to be creative and make something they will enjoy eating. It also helps with fine motor skills. 


Again this is another fun activity for children of all ages and no matter what age they are they are able to join in. This again can be made to the child dietary or allergies needs and also pre-bought items like gingerbread shapes you can buy that are normally available at easter. There are some great cookie cutters available online if you are making homemade cookies, or keeping it simple with a pre-made cookie mix that you buy in the store. Simple follow the packet adding the ingredients normally water and some oil and then place the mix on the tray in the moulds or cutters, cook to that shape. 


This idea I am thinking more about buying pre-made biscuits such as rich tea or the digestive and using icing sugar or pre-made rolled icing to create designs on the biscuits. There is also little cutters you can use to cut out the icing to create easter shapes, along with edible items you can use to stick on, this activity is likely to be less messy if you use pre-rolled icing which is like playdough but edible and make the shapes you or the child will like out of them. There is a range of colours to choose from.

Rice Crispy Nests

This one is probably one of our favourites to do in our house as we love chocolate and rice crispy. This one is simple to do and again anyone of any age can join in. You simply need rice crispy cereal and chocolate. The chocolate used can be white, dark or milk. You can even use normal chocolate like galaxy too. Simply melt the chocolate in a big bowl, I normally do it slowly 10secs and stir and so on in the microwave as you don't want it to burn, mix in the rice crispy's and stir then spoon into muffin cases. You can then play around here and add mini eggs or Golden eggs etc and then for decoration you could add a little chick on the top. 

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  1. Yummy - pity i cant do with my great neices ! Will be doing soon


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