Simple fun egg crafting can be fun, for kids of all ages and also adults. Its simple to do and the creating is endless. These can also be a fun way for kids to enjoy their food. 

All you need to do is- 

Hard boil some eggs and allow too cool - or an alternative could be plastic eggs or eggs from the local craft store. 

Have some paints, glue, sequins and any craft materials available. 

Set up an area for the crafts. 

Area for the crafts to dry. 

Paintbrush and items needed to allow the children to do the crafts. 

Allowing children to be creative with items like hard-boiled eggs, helps them to create fine motor skills, and life long skills they need to make choices by allowing them to pick the items and how they want to decorate their egg. This allows them to have more confidence in choices and be able to make choices, this allows them to grow and build self-confidence skills. They are able to learn how to apply crafts, to an area that is tricky as an egg is not round, and not the same shape all over. They also are able to experience textures from the feel of the eggshell, paint and crafts. This activity can also be used to develop speech, language and communication. It will also allow children to take turns if needing to share. This is also a great bonding activity with children. 

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