Being plus-size can definitely be a struggle, especially with shopping. For me, I have always struggled to find good quality affordable clothing. The other issue I have always faced is not knowing where to shop. As I have got older more and more places are offering plus sizes. However, I still struggle to find clothing that I personally love and want to buy. Some well known plus size brands are doing very well in allowing plus size Men and Women to be able to express themselves freely in the outfits they want to wear. I feel very proud that there are brands out there that have expanded and made clothing for people who want to wear the outfits that other bodies are able to wear and allowed "fat" men and women to express themselves the same way. 


My top go-to company for t-shirts at a good price is Next. I love the colours and the choice that they offer. They also hold other brands on the website too, which means shopping for plus size is a lot easier as I am able to buy from a range of stores in one place. I have to say that due to this, I have found it harder to find the clothing in stores which is a shame. However, this could be the area I live in. Next offer a range of t-shirts and vests for under £10 and in a range of colours which means, I'm not limited, unlike some stores where the options are not great. 


The next shop that I have loved most in actually shein, this can be a bit hit and miss at times, but I always found that the reviews are helpful. they don't just offer clothing they also do home wear, kitchen items and kids too which has been great as I have been able to pick up a few bits online. 

Yours Clothing

Yours clothing has been a great shop over the years and has been growing not only with the amount of clothing it offers but also the stores. I feel grateful that they have opened stores around the UK as the other large retailer who dominated the high street disappeared and I struggled to get anything until 2 stores opened near by. Your clothing is great for longline tops and also trousers and even underwear. 

Marks and Spencer

The main items I tend to buy in marks and spencer are underwear or pants, as the packets of £5 pants are under £10. However they do offer a good range of clothing, however again in the store, it can be hard to find the larger sizes. The nightwear is also a good section that I enjoy, as it's comfy and they do long night dresses which I prefer as a bigger person. Marks also offer comfy shoes, that are well made and affordable. I also like the fact that they do them in half sizes which make it easier for me. 


I have always struggled with good bras and I always got them from Marks and Spencer before I found this brand. This brand is not always the cheapest, however, they are good quality and fit well. If you shop around you can often find a sale on and get them for a bargain price. 

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  1. So glad there is more choice these days - we all have the right to look sensational


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