Apr 2, 2021

Sleeping Tips for Kids


We all know that no matter how old our children are, there are times when they just will not go to bed. As parents this can be very stressful especially if we are struggling ourselves, with not feeling well, having a long day or just being totally exhausted and hoping for an early night. I want to share with you some of my sleeping tips for kids. 

Relax time an hour before bed

First things first in order to set good sleeping habits you need to set the mood to slow down the fun, so in order to do this, I have a routine in place. Once dinner is done, then its quite calm time, so this may be time spent doing an activity you know will not get the kids excited or putting on a tv show that isn't going to make them jump around the room singing and dancing, I sometimes use Youtube and look for bedtime stories. Keep the house quiet and chilled out. Another good option is to put on some calming music off waves or rain and do some breathing exercises together sometimes for younger kids using sleeping lions as a way to calm can help as you can pretend you're watching them to check their still sleeping lions. 

Stick To A Set Bed Time Routine 

I can not stress enough how having a routine for your child is, especially one for a set bedtime every evening. I have found my life easier having a set time that the kids go to bed, then I know that I have the rest of the evening to either relax or get some jobs done that I have been stressing about for the day. 
I normally get my youngest to bed from 5.30-6pm ( this depends on him, and if dinner was a bit later than normal etc). This is the time that I would say we're going to go up to bed now every day. Sometimes it also helps to give a 15min warning that bedtime is soon and then another 5mins before bedtime, this is also to help reduce the shock and anxiety when the activities suddenly stop. 

Getting Ready For Bed

If your children are not already in PJ then this is normally the time to do it once, you go upstairs still calm. Again have a routine where you do the same things every night before bed, so this may be getting ready for bed, brush hair, brush teeth. This then helps the children get ready for bed and know the routine and what happens before bed. 

Ready For Bed

Once ready for bed, make sure that you keep a nightlight on, or landing light and if need be give reassurance that this will be on, Also making sure that it's kept on all night. For this, If younger children then use a night light buddy can help, as well as a plug-in nightlight. The routine for me getting my youngest in bed is picking him up to look out the window and we say "night night tree" as we have a tree in the back garden. We then tuck into his bed, making sure he has his blankets, juice and any toys or books he wants at the end of his bed, or he wouldn't sleep without them there. I then have to make sure that his light is on and the music is playing ( making sure batteries are changed regularly nothing worse than having to break the bedtime routine to make it work). Once all that is done I say night and leave the room. 

Those are my top tips for helping kids sleep. Obviously, every child is different and it can take a while to get a sleeping routine in place. However, it is worth it in the end. 

Do you have any routines to help your child get to sleep?


  1. Routine is key for us - at holiday times it can be difficult


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