May 22, 2021

Be Prepared for school day


We all know that mornings no matter how old you are can be incredibly stressful and hard work. However when you have a child or a few children getting them ready in the mornings, giving them breakfast and sending them off to school on time, normally before 8.30am can be very stressful. I want to share with you my steps to make the school run work better. 

Wake Up Relaxed And Stress-Free

Simply as I have said, waking up in the morning doesn't mean that you need a really annoying ringing noise that will really annoy you every morning, keep things stress free by using an app that allows you to set an alarm and play calming music, or relaxation techniques for why you get yourself ready. I like to set mine earlier, so it allows me some time. Where possible allow yourself time to get everything done you need to do, this could be washing your hair and doing your make up, however, if you can wash your hair the night before then this could be the answer for you especially with the early mornings. Allowing yourself the time to be relaxed and stress-free in the morning will actually help the children, like the feeling you parents stressed, shouting and struggling every morning is then actually making them feel how you are, and some children struggle to deal with feeling that way and even rushed. 

Rush Free Zone

There is nothing worse or stressful than feeling rushed regardless of the age, feeling like you have no time and your going to be late adds a lot of stress onto both you and the children, and then in turn both of you will go to work, home and school feeling like this. Just think how long it takes you to chill out after a stressful morning, well the children feel the same. To enable things to be calm, then I suggest making sure that things are where they need to be, and there is no panic rush to look for things that are needed. 

TimeTable/Plan your life

Not many parents think to use a timetable, and when I say time table I mean a visual planner that allows you to plan the kid's PE KIT days, Homework days, or any days when the kids need to add equipment to hire bag, or even wear non-school uniform and need to take in a £1. As a parent, I can not tell you how many times my son, forgot he was meant to take something to school or needed something signed. I have designed the planner above that you can download for free by clicking here. 

School Letter Box

This is actually a simple hack for all parents, how many times have you got a squashed up horrible ripped bit of paper that the kids have left in their bags, that have not seen light for months and you find out actually you were meant to sign this months ago? Well, I introduced the use of a school letterbox, where every day after school as soon as you walk in, the letters are removed and placed in the box! 

Lunchbox box

This idea is a bit like the idea above however, it also worked before you leave the house, if your kids are on packed lunch then for me personally there have been times when I have made up food and forgotten it. Or times when the lunchbox was not emptied in half terms to find mouldy food, which made me sick trying to clean it and in the end throwing the whole dam box away! so to help me, I used a box that I placed near the letters back and I would put the box there after I had made it in the morning, and then it was to be put there as soon as came home! So introducing the lunchbox and school letterbox because the new normal in the house. Just like removing coats and shoes, you had a routine that was in place to make life easier. 

Having some books to pre pare for school can make school easier and more enjoyable for children off all ages especially getting through the half terms to keep the kids feeling motivated and be ready to learn again. 

Many off the kids might have started or starting school durring covid 19 and that can cause stress to not just the children but also the parents due to things not being the norm, especially the parents that have older children so would normally what to expect. Things are different in covid world and have been adapted so making sure you reduce the stress can help the transition to school. 

Is your child starting school in September and you want to make sure they are ready to start school, and your totally preferred as there is nothing worse than both you and your child not feeling ready for school to start. 


  1. Brilliant ! How could ANYTHING possibly go wrong if we follow the rules


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