May 24, 2021

Ways Too Live Your Teenage Lifestyle As An Adult

live your teenage lifestyle as an adult


Being an adult can be extremely exhausting we are all rushing around to and from work, looking after a child or many children, keeping on top of household chores as well as cooking and cleaning. Sometimes we all wish we had it a bit easier and could go back to the good old days of simply enjoying life and the only thing we had to worry about that day was deciding what top to wear. 

Here are some ways in which I personally do and feel with take you back to your childhood. 

Watch a Film or Binge A TV Show

Personally, for me as an adult, i struggle with finding time for myself, especially with two special needs children that need my attention throughout the day and night, especially with them being at home. So when I do have some time, normally late evening when other "normal" families may go to bed, I use this time to watch a film, i want to or even binge a TV show. Like all families, i use Netflix and Amazon to do so. There are even some great programs to watch on BBC iplayer, I have been enjoying the tv show Glammed up, where some inspiring MUA's (Make Up Artists) show off their skills and talent and battle it out between them. I can simply forget being a parent and all the jobs that need completing and just remember enjoying my freedom and taking time out from everyday life. I also enjoy doing this when I take a bubble bath. I remember my best friend at the time and I would go to hers and go to blockbusters and rent out some films like valentines and watch it with some ben and jerry's fish food. You could also enjoy doing this as a family and watch Disney Films and remember your favourites, for me it was the little mermaid. 

Play Online Games

playing online games might not be the norm for some people based on their age, however, for me born in 1987, I was allowed some online time. It was very restricted however it allowed me to use msn, habbo hotel and a few other websites. As I have got older and new places became available I have always used this time to play games whether that is on my phone or on the computer. I used to love games like pac-man and any with the bricks that you had to match the colours up with, so even now they are my go-to game. I have found a free online video games website called Plays that has a lot of free games and they are easy and simple to use. They offer a number of arcade classics that are based on the games that I loved to play and, they are always adding new ones which means if there is a game I missed playing without realising it, I am highly likely to find it there! I found that out of a lot of sites this one is easy to use and navigate. The best part for me was I didn't need to register to be able to play! Who else gets annoyed when they do not have much time and want to play a game but they then have to go through a process to register or sign in! I have spent most of the day trying to play the game breakout and couldn't make it past level 1 and 600 points! I am so out of gaming shape! Other than trying to play online for the very small amount of time I had I used to enjoy playing on my sega and playing sonic the hedgehog, My Mum used to leave me, a tv screen and that at the childminder while she went to work and as I was older I was allowed to play on it. 


This one might not seem at first that this will remind you of your childhood, but for me, it does and let me explain why. As a teenager especially I would be out and about with my friends and at the time I wouldn't have classed it as exercise or working out because let's face it what teenager is going to see hanging out with friends working out! However, during the time we did spend together, we would walk miles, or because I couldn't afford a bus fare I would walk miles to meet them, then spend miles walking to town and back just because I wanted to be cool. Remember the late nights in the park? Well, I do, trying to impress the boys swinging of the posts or playing footsie with them. So why it might seem like an adult thing to do, actually you have been enjoying working out for years of your life just doing it a different way. This can be done as a family, by yourself or even as part of a group. 

If you could bring parts of your teenage life into life now what would you add? 


  1. One of the other important things to consider
    is music..what ever your choice or favourites
    is up to you, and it should play a very important
    part of your life...
    There are various types of music, for every mood,
    occasion and feelings..!

    Back in the 60's, most of my friends liked the
    Beatles..and all the old 60's music..Me! I took to
    Motown, and never looked back, l love my Soul music,
    it has a variety of choices for ones mood and situation!
    Nothing like putting an LP on the turntable, and listening
    to say..Barry White..Marvin relax to...or summat
    a bit more funky like James Brown..!

    So..l continue to add to my life, my music, that suits my
    life style..
    Everyone should enjoy the same, and enjoy there type of
    music..Chill out to your thing..!
    And as the man says..."For the good times"...! 🎵 🎵 🎵

  2. Binge watching sounds good - just have to find the time


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