May 19, 2021

3 Simple Steps To Buy A House

3 simple steps to buy a house


Covid-19 has really changed things for a lot of people, not just health wise, family sadly being lost too soon, but also made people think about their life in a new light. Sadly before covid hit there were a number of people who were in housing situations that they didn't see really effected them, as they were going their every day life living life, and many people rarely spend long period of times at home due to work commitments and socialising. However for some people who are in the situation like am I, it forced a lot of us to realise how lonely life is, especially if like me you work from home, or have very little limited contact with people. 

When covid hit, many more people including myself were forced to stay at home and the family that you lived with was able to spend more time together. However this meant that for some families the houses, flats they owned or were renting realistically didn't fit into the families needs and was smaller than they actually needed. It also highlighted to a lot of other people that the areas they currently live in were not what they actually wanted. Or like me, actually highlight that being a single parent living alone with the kids with me 24/7 was actually really hard. I am normally a nice person, so i checked in with my old neighbour who lives on her own and offered to help where I could with sending her shopping ect as I was very lucky to get a delivery slot. However it did bring home, how hard it must be for older people living on there own with no family or friends to help them. 

This means that there are more people looking for property to buy, and people wanting to get on the housing ladder to enable them to be able to live in the area's they prefer and places that they want to live in. As well as moving near to family and friends who are able to offer them the support they need. This is something that has been highlighted to me during this horrible time, that I do need support and people around me who can give me a hour once a week. 

Feeling like they needed to move was my Mum and Stepdad who they share with my 27yr old brother and my sister and her 4yr old. The house is simply too small for them all to live in, and there is no privacy. They own a small semi detached home in Poole Dorset, my mum and stepdad have owned the house for a number of years and at one point there was over 6 of us living in this small semi detached house. Looking back some may even laugh as my stepdad and my brother would share the smallest room and sleep on bunk beds, while my sister and my mum shared a room, and myself and my son had our own room. Luckily to make things a bit easier I managed to get council property, and have done a few swaps in the last 8 yrs. However this still left them with not much room to have 4 adults living in the house. 

However its been a good 8 yrs later now since i moved out and my mum and stepdad had been wondering if they should sell the house for a number of years, mainly because there isn't much time of the mortgage left , maybe 3 yrs and they are getting well into their 60's. The house its self needs work doing to it and my mums been struggling with mobility issues so they needed to go somewhere which was best suited for them and met their needs. Its also out grown for the family as my sister had her own family and partner as does my brother. Its been very difficult for my siblings to get there own home due to a number of personal issues, however i know they are also keen to get into the property ladder. 

Mortgage Calculator

Looking at mortgages was simple and easy even with two oldies who are not tech savvy. The website Uk Mortgage Calculator which they used managed to allow them to use their income to see what they could realistically afford to enable them to get a simple mortgage towards their dream home. It also offered them a range of other options, to decide home affordability. The website had a range off relevant information, which made the process easier to understand which meant that they could make the correct decisions for them. This could also be a great option for someone who is looking to own their second home and needs to use a calculator to see if it will be beneficial to them. 

Once they knew what they could get, they then put the house on the market, and actually asked for more than the estate agent recommended. The house went up for sale and by the end of the week there was over 10 bookings to view! Luckily with the covid restrictions they have been trying to get viewings for the house in blocks so all viewings take place the same day. which actually helps buyers and sellers. However because property seems to be in high demand right now, with a lot of people wanting to move and sell  you really do need to move fast to find the property for you, and make sure you are aware of your options before you view, so you are in the position to put a offer in, because like i said the market is currently booming, and you do not want your dream house to slip away. 

Right Move

A few days after the viewing my mums house had two offers one the asking price and one over the asking price, which they took a day to think about then accepted the offer. This then meant that they were able to start properly searching for their new dream home. There is a number of sites in order to do this, however i recommend right move   it makes it easy to find property near you and within your housing prices and you may even find the dream house by the sea. 

Help Too Buy

My parents are currently still searching for the perfect house and as I said before that the property market is in high demand. Which means finding the property for you could be a bit harder, however as everyone is looking to buy its a perfect time to get in the housing ladder. Especially if you are looking to buy your own home there are a number of Help Too Buy options available  This allows you to have ownership of a house but its important to look at buy conditions and know what you are buying. If you need more advice then google is your best friend. 

Has covid-19 made you think about moving? 


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