Jun 3, 2021

Children's Water Play Ideas To Buy On Amazon

kids water play


If you're looking to create some fun summer activities for the children this summer, now that the sun is shinning I wanted to share some great ideas about keeping the kids entertained this summer. Then there is nothing better than water play.

Best Water play Ideas

Kids love to splash about in water no matter what the weather, if your child like mine enjoys anything water-related them I can not recommend water play enough. There is a large number of items available to let your child experience water play and I have found some items that I simply wanted to share with you. 

This first item is a waterway canal along with locked gates, that enabled the kids to float their way around the waterways, this can be used inside as well as outside, and its something I have never seen offered before and I thought it would be a great item for age 2 with adult supervision and upwards to have fun with. This item is currently for sale for £65.11 on amazon, however, I think this is a unique item that kids will love especially if you are into water parks. 

Click here to view and buy.

Like above by the same company this amazon aqua play portable waterway, will blog the kids away, it is smaller and cheaper than the one above at £38.69 which makes it more affordable for children to play with. I love the idea of these and there is a number of other aqua play toys to build a set of amazing fun toys for the kids to enjoy. 

Click here to view the one above.  

amazon pretend kitchen sink toy

if your looking for something fun and unique that can also teach the kids some life skills then I can not talk about this product enough, this one is an amazing way to do role play with your children but also allow them to learn some daily living skills through play. This activity is great for inside and outside and comes with play food. If your looking for a space-saving children's activity then this one is one of the top recommendations. This costs £27.99 but at the time of writing this it's currently £20.99.

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water play amazon splash pad

As the weather is heating up the kids are going to love nothing more than running around the garden getting wet, so a alternative to the swimming pool is a splash pad. I really love splash pads as I feel its much safer for my child and also it's great for adults to enjoy. No more trying to get yourself into a tiny paddling pall, simply walk through and be jetted with water! This one is currently £24.99.

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amazon freddy spray bath toy

This one is for parents who may not have a garden, or do have a garden but want to add some fun in the bath time routine, by letting your little one put the fire out in the tub. Allow your child to use their imagination and play with the fire hose. £29.95 but currently offering a £5 voucher. 
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Items listed here I do get a small % if buy any products from amazon. 



  1. The non blow up paddling pools are also great!

  2. Cant beat the fun love them all

  3. These look fantastic my children have a sand and water table but I love the waterway canal


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