Jun 10, 2021

Thinking Of Becoming An Influencer

 Its 2021 and social media has been around for a while and during this time we have also seen a lot of growth in a number of celebrity and "normal" individuals grow on social media and become which is known as an influencer. 

what is an influencer?

An influencer is an individual or a group of people who are able to recommend product buying in other people. This is a bit like looking at an online review of something you already want, reading the reviews and deciding to buy it or not. However, the likes of social media now are that people are able to recommend products to people from just living their daily lives. So for example, a huge celeb may wear a brand of clothing, someone might love the outfit they are wearing and head to the shop to buy that item. On social media, someone will have built themselves into a "brand" in order to get a large following they have built to engage with them, and therefore potentially buy items that they recommend. 

How Has being an influencer changed over the years?

Years ago, being an influencer was just celebs and recommending products were normally done via tv commercials and magazines. Companies would pay good money to have the celeb they knew would bring in customers represent their brand. However, as the internet became a big thing, more and more people looked to bloggers, ads within websites, YouTubers and even aps like Twitter, Instagram where normal everyday people were getting a large following for posting their everyday lives, along with likes and dislikes. Even people in other carer professions like Edna Chichi Stylxz who is from a music and stand up comedy background is now influencing others. You may remember seeing videos and articles like " what's in my bag", " my top 5 must-haves for summer" all these would be reviews from real-life people, their following would often try the item based of this. social media has had a huge impact on everyone creating more influencers than there ever was, and you could simply go viral just from a product review. 

what does viral mean? 

Going viral online is when your video, post or article gets shared a lot that it has a huge outreach, this could be millions of people. Sometimes creates have no idea they will go viral and it can simple mean a mini form of becoming an influencer overnight. I have seen videos that have been posted on Facebook about helping someone out, and overnight they have gone viral and appearing on this morning! They then gain a huge following on social media too. 

How to find brands to work with

There are a number of different way's in which someone can become an influencer and find brands to work with. Some brands actually follow someone who is actively using their products and putting their brand online, they may follow for a while or sometimes a few years before they approach you, however, you can also take a step and reach out to brands asking to work with them and create a deal. another way is to use websites that enable you to promote your social media, blogs and anything you want really and apply along with other influencers to work with the brands, this can sometimes be a great way to meet people in your same niche. There are also websites that allow you to learn how to grow your social media and how to have consistency, which is a huge part of being a social media influencer. The key thing to remember is to enjoy what your doing and to make sure that you are engaging with your audience, using products you love and not being afraid to reach out, to the brands you would potentially like to work with. 

What does being an influencer mean too you?


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