Aug 7, 2021

How Too Stop Leg Chafing

 No matter what size or shape you are, or if you are male or female. Leg Chafing is a thing! so how do you stop leg chafing? 

First thing first what is leg chafing?  Well, the most common form of leg chaffing is at the thighs, it happens when your legs rub together, which then causes friction. This then causes damage to the skin, meaning your legs are likely to become painful and in some cases cause blisters and boils. I have never had is as bad as that, but have had it feeling painful and stinging with a bit of a bump to it. Obviously having this can then cause issues walking, sleeping and sitting ect. 

why does this happen? 

There are a number of reasons why this happens, it can be from working out, and getting sweaty or it being a warm day. Being plus size I have always struggled with it as I have extra skin that gets flapped about and rubs on the material. I also find that sometimes my pants cause rubbing which then caused chaffing to the skin. 

big bloomers

How can I prevent it? 

There are few ways you can prevent skin chaffing I personally prefer to wear shorts under my dresses and clothing to stop and help me feel better and comfortable about wearing things like dresses and skirts. Because I wouldn't want to wear something but then be in pain from leg-burning, I have had that issue when I was younger, where I wanted to look pretty but forgot to wear anything, and ended up in really bad pain and red bumps from wearing it. One of the brands I really recommend is from the company Big Bloomers, especially their urban anti-chafing slip shorts. They offer the shorts from a size 12 uk to 36uk+ which means no matter what size you are you are able to find the right fit for you and stop the painful rubbing. The shorts come in a range of colours which make it more fun, as before I found these I was stuck to black, or white and if lucky a nude colour, but something you want something more fun. The best thing about this range is the side panel, which allows air to flow, so you're not having to wear another layer of clothing that prevents airflow and sticks to your body, which means that you feel like your not wearing anything else. 

Other ways to help prevent it, is by using things like deodorant, baby powder and even petroleum jelly. These all act as either a barrier or dry out the skin to stop you sweating and causing moisture which then stops the legs from rubbing together. Some of these methods tho need to be reapplied throughout the day, which is why I prefer to wear anti changing shorts, as it means i don't need to think about it again. 


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