Nov 3, 2021

Disability Living Allowance

 Disability Living Allowance For Under 16's

 Disability Living Allowance or DLA is a benefit that parents can claim for their children, who are under the age of 16. 

Dla is not based on a diagnosis but on the care for your child.

In order to claim DLA, your child needs to be under 16, if they are over please click here to learn more about PIP ( Personal Independence Payment).

You get disability living allowance for a number of disabilities including hidden ones. Some parents do not realise that they are able to claim for their children, so often lose out on the money. The amount of money that you will be able to claim is dependant on a case by case, however, the rates available are - 

rates are correct as of Sept 2021


Low rate - £23.70 per week

Middle Rate - £60.00 per week

High Rate - To be awarded high rate, you need to be up a number of times throughout the night providing care, so if you want to get this, you need to provide evidence to support this. 

£89.60 per week


Low Rate - This is awarded from 5yrs plus 

£27.70 per week

HIgh Rate - Can be awarded from 3yrs If getting high rate care, but you need to meet SMI rules (a lot of parents hold off claiming high rate, due to awards being looked at again and losing high rate care, or awards being shortened. 

£62.55 per week

Find out how to claim by clicking here

SMI Flow Chart

The SMI chart is what the caseworkers use, in order to allocate mobility to those who are able to walk. You need to meet all the criteria and also have the evidence to back it up. Sometimes, the caseworker misses information, so parents need to label correctly and point the caseworker to each section, with the evidence in order to meet the mobility under 5. 

SMI flow chart DLA

Medical Guidance of caseworkers for DLA 

There is a booklet of information for the caseworkers, as obviously they may not know what some conditions are and how they affect people with special needs. The book also contains info on how long they should ideally award for the condition. However I would like to point out that this does not mean that you will 100% be awarded that level, or for that amount of time, this is down to the caseworker and depends on age.

view here 


If you are struggling to fill out a DLA form then I recommend downloading the CEREBRA guide, it was helpful when applying for my son children's DLA, and made things much easier to understand and include. 

click here to download


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