Nov 2, 2021

Plan a cosy Autumn night in

autumn cosy night in

 With the weather turning cold, and the days becoming dark early on people just want to get cosy and get into their PJs and enjoy a warm evening, with the heating on and a blanket. 

Getting cosy as soon as you come home

There is nothing more amazing than coming home from your day out and getting into cosy pj's and wrapping up with a nice warm blanket. My favourite pjs are cotton ones with long sleeves and trousers, and sometimes I will wear slipper socks to keep my toes nice and warm, but can find I'm sometimes to hot. 

I also like to make sure that when I am sitting on the sofa, or cuddling up in bed with my pillows, that I have a nice soft blanket that I can tuck my feet in and wrap around me to keep the warm in, keeping me feeling safe and secure. 

Streaming tv and movies 

2021 is the time to stream movies and tv programs, as there is no easier way to find something new to watch, or even the old programs and films you can't get enough off. There are a number of large streaming devices and the main ones on offer are Netflix, amazon prime and Disney +

Being a member of streaming services is easy, all you need is broadband and a subscription of even a trial if you have not used the services before and you have 100's of tv shows, movies and exclusive content to view. So you may be wondering do I need all services to enjoy streaming, then the answer is most likely, as they offer different content on each platform, so you are likely to find things that are not available on the other platform, what's more, they make original/exclusive content that can only be found on their platform. 

The next tricky part is actually finding something to watch, as I often struggle, I normally when I have a few 5mins, have a look through Netflix and the coming soon section and add to my list so its easier to find, when I am looking for something to watch, and also do the same on my amazon account, which means finding something when you want to sit down and relax is a lot easier. 

Warm food and Festive Drinks

Another great way to feel nice and cosy is to have some home-cooked warm food, and some festive warming drinks. I always find there is nothing more homely than leaving on the slow cooker while you have gone out with a lovely chicken stew and dumplings. The smell hits you as you walk in, and reduces the stress of feeling "what's for dinner".

My go too hot drink when the cold sets in have to be a mouth-watering hot chocolate, and I'm always happy to try new hot chocolate flavours, and there really is a large range now available that can be made with milk or hot water. I love nothing more than adding whipped cream and marshmallows to make it feel an extra special treat. 


  1. Lots of ways for a cozy night in....

    Get some bath~time essentials and give your
    body a good soak..
    Throw on some comfy clothes..
    Make a soothing drink or break into a bottle
    of wine..
    Gather up comfort food..
    Make your space as calming and comfortable
    as possible..
    Watch your favorite show..
    Surround yourself with lots of pillows..

    "A cozy girl is someone who puts their comfort
    first without jeopardizing her style...
    She dresses smart, and not trendy"...
    And while cozy may mean different things to
    different people, it's generally a compliment...! :O).
    🍁 🍂 🍃 🍁 🍂 🍃 🍁 🍂 🍃 🍁 🍂 🍃 🍁 🍂🍃


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