Apr 20, 2022

Let me be your Yours Clothing Stylist


Yours clothing is a brand that I have shopped at for a long time, however, in recent years the clothing that they offer has become a lot more fun. When I was younger I was limited in the stores I was able to shop at and you would often find me wearing a lot of black, thinking that this is what fat people wore because they were not part of the fashion trends and able to wear items that made them stand out even more. However yours clothing has made sure you stand out for the right reasons! 
That is why if you are plus size and have never shopped there, then you need to head to your local store, or check out online, as you are able to look amazing and dress how you want. Don't get me wrong, atm yours doesn't have a range of crop tops like other plus-size stores do on the market, but maybe they will arrive soon? However you will find, a colourful range of dresses, tops, leggings, swimwear and even underwear. They also offer a range of bags to allow you to express yourself and buy a full outfit for your daily lives and special events. 

Below I have put together a range of items to make some outfits for a few events. 

 Want some help planning an outfit feel free to get in touch :) 

              Pastel Hair Band   Blue Chain Bag  Block Heel   Jeggings   Body Suit   Blazer

Boots   Dress    Hat   Jacket Bag


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