About Me


Welcome to my Blog -

I am a 33year old single parent from Dorset. My kids have a big age gap. My oldest is 16 and the youngest is 3. Both children have special needs. We live with 3 cats and a dog!

Recently I have been on a weight loss journey, and have lost over 5 stone and trying to continue to do that. I have written a blog before, but then took it down when had some personal issues, but now feel the time is right to start one up again.
Due to personal reasons, Full face photos of the youngest child will not be shown, however, they might be included with the back of this head.

My Blog is about my life, things I enjoy without the kids or items the kids enjoy, This may be days out holidays, toys, clothing or tv shows.

I have blogged before but I started this blog on the 10th of September 2020 and really happy as already have a DA of 20 and PA 28:)

Even though I started blogging not even a month ago, I have been able to get traffic to my blog and had over 6k visitors last month.

I am not currently working as classed as a carer for my children, however, I have previously worked as a 1-1 teaching assistant, 1-1 dinner lady. I have a level 3 qualification in supporting and teaching in schools, a Level 2 in Understanding Autism, Caring for children and young people and Children's and Young peoples mental health.

I also have kred these are my scores.

I am happy to work with company's please feel free to contact me.