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I am happy to hear from my readers, who may have a question, blog idea or even a story they want to share. Equally i am also looking to engage with company's/brands especially thoes who offer Plus Size clothing, Children's clothing, activities and lifestyle. We are all big foodies in this single parent house hold so scrumptious Delicious meals and treats also wouldn't go a miss.
 I am open to everyone, so please feel free to send me a message and i will get back to you as soon as possible. 
 I am a Plus Size Single parent, my two boys have special needs. That obviously keeps me on my toes. Where the age gap is so large (13 years), we fit in to a number of categorise, so I am open to a number of things from product reviews, paid adds ect. 


I would love to team up with a company/brand  just like yours, if you feel that there is something you could be involved in on my blog, maybe you could offer my readers a discount or work with me on a competition. Whatever it is, I would love to hear all about it and hopefully be able to work with you to share it with my readers. 


 I am happy to review items that i feel with fit in my mine and my kids life. Items that i personally feel are great products ( if i have a issue with a product i am reviewing i will talk to you first, as this might be a issue that could be easily fixed). I have a big age gap between my kids so i have toddler - teen which means there is a large area we can cover. 

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