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Feb 6, 2021

Outdoor Activities To Do With Children

 It is important for children to be able to play outside and explore the world, not from the safety of the home. 

Feb 3, 2021

how to be a good parent

When you have children the one thing that you want from life is to be a good parent or a great parent so how do you go about that?

Jan 23, 2021

How To Stay Calm And Manage Stress And Anxiety

We all know that staying calm is easier said than done I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and I have done for many years. It hadn't been experiencing it as bad, as I have in the past. I haven't needed medication as I've been able to find ways to manage that so I thought I'd share them with you in this blog post. 

Jan 20, 2021

Activities To Save Money When Dating Online

Here are some activities to save money while dating online.  These can include being at home especially with the world and the pandemic, this is a good way to date and stay on a budget and keep safe.

My Perfect Day

With the world being so crazy right now I can't help to feel that this may be the New Normal that I have to adjust too and I've got to be honest it does frighten me,  does it frighten you?

Jan 9, 2021

Living Life With Covid-19

Dec 31, 2020

Happy New Year - End Of 2020

 Finally, the end of 2020, so many people will be counting down the hours until the clock is at 12.01am and will celebrate hoping that the madness of 2020 is finally an end.  

Dec 30, 2020

Winter Skin Care Routine for All Skin Types


Dec 17, 2020

Beautiful LED Candles for Any Occasion


led candles for any occassion

Dec 11, 2020

My Christmas Movie List 2020


Dec 4, 2020

My December 2020 Goal

 December Goal for 2020

December Goals

Oct 14, 2020

life is a stay-at-home parent to special needs children.

Oct 3, 2020

Halloween Colouring Sheet


Another colouring sheet I have created

Click here to view and print

Sep 19, 2020

Poundland Halloween

Poundland are always great to pick up a few items, and with Halloween fast approaching, I'm getting ready to have my little Halloween party. In Poundland you can pick up much more than just decorations, you can also get the party food snacks from sweets, crisps and even crafts. Poundland also stock hair colour spray which is wash in/wash out and great for the children. 

With not much to be able to look forward to this year, Halloween is something I can do home with the boys and not worry about having to go anywhere. Before 2020 we would likely to have a take away and go trickle treating, however this year we will be giving it a miss and will probably put on a paw patrol Halloween film, when little one is awake and something more scary when he goes to bed. 

Poundland have a range off plates, cups, banners, balloons to help with the decorating and also offer a range of costumes should you wish to dress up. I love some of the d├ęcor that they have to offer especially some of the led lights. 

Poundland also have a fun range of Halloween bath toys, which I no my 2year old will love and before long we will have a duck collection for the bathroom, and they will need their own box to live in. 

All items displayed here are £1 each. 

Sadly Poundland do not offer delivery online so you have to venture out, but that just means that your be able to pick up some other great buys in Poundland and any other party needs. 

A lot of Poundland's items are still £1, however you will find some items labelled more.

Sep 10, 2020

Simply Be Camisole


Red and black camisole from simply be with beautiful flower design. As a bigger girl is can be hard to find things that go over my tummy, and don't sit in all the wrong places. With this top I was able to feel confident and also move around freely without feeling restricted. The cami has adjustable straps which is also a bonus from me because I always find straps hanging of my shoulders. This can be dressed up or down for a day time to evening look.

Its currently on offer for £9
Sizes - 14,16 and 22 are available

Next Bedding


Having a Super King bed makes it hard to find any nice bedding that fits. However I ordered some from Next and found this lovely Rose coloured bed sheet, pillowcases and and duvet set which is 180 thread count cotton.

The items arrived like all Next items well packaged. I was pleased that the colour in the photos is the same as what arrived and I would be sleeping in a bed of colourful dreams. It feels soft and comfy. Its easy to wash to, and the colour hasn't faded.
Price - £15-£35 depending on size