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Feb 3, 2021

LoveLox Lockets Competition

Nov 22, 2020

My Autumn SkinCare

 My Autumn Skincare 

Nov 11, 2020

Evgravers Guild Gift Guide And Competition

Nov 10, 2020

The Christmas Wish Children's Books Gift Guide.


NailPad christmas gift Idea

Nail Pad

Nov 7, 2020

Say It With Champers Review And Giveaway!

Say It With Champers Review and Giveaway

Say It With Champers Christmas personalised Champagne

Oct 22, 2020

Jolie Beauty Bomb Dot Com Palette Review

 Jolie Beauty, wanted to make sure their products are Cruelty free and vegan friendly and in order to do this they use synthetic hair for their brush sets. They also think that they are a lot better than real hair brushes, and produce better results which are longer lasting. Their eye lashes have been produced with this in mind and contain no mink, or animal products. 

Oct 10, 2020

Selfie Bag from Cotton Bag Co

Sep 22, 2020

Unique Christmas Ideas

 With Christmas around the corner, I have found a few unique gifts which I think would be nice gifts to give to friends or family this Christmas. 

Chocolate Afternoon Tea by Choc On choc, available on Not on the High street £32. Made with Belgian white and dark chocolate. 

                                                      Click here to see more and buy

                  Personalised Open Me When Message Box by Martha Brook £21

                                                    Click here to view more about it and buy

        Me Comic, Personalised For Children From Lucy £12.95

                                        Click here to view more and Buy

          Bath Noodles, Eco Friendly From Paper Plane £29.95

                                   Click here to find out more and buy

Sep 19, 2020

Poundland Halloween

Poundland are always great to pick up a few items, and with Halloween fast approaching, I'm getting ready to have my little Halloween party. In Poundland you can pick up much more than just decorations, you can also get the party food snacks from sweets, crisps and even crafts. Poundland also stock hair colour spray which is wash in/wash out and great for the children. 

With not much to be able to look forward to this year, Halloween is something I can do home with the boys and not worry about having to go anywhere. Before 2020 we would likely to have a take away and go trickle treating, however this year we will be giving it a miss and will probably put on a paw patrol Halloween film, when little one is awake and something more scary when he goes to bed. 

Poundland have a range off plates, cups, banners, balloons to help with the decorating and also offer a range of costumes should you wish to dress up. I love some of the d├ęcor that they have to offer especially some of the led lights. 

Poundland also have a fun range of Halloween bath toys, which I no my 2year old will love and before long we will have a duck collection for the bathroom, and they will need their own box to live in. 

All items displayed here are £1 each. 

Sadly Poundland do not offer delivery online so you have to venture out, but that just means that your be able to pick up some other great buys in Poundland and any other party needs. 

A lot of Poundland's items are still £1, however you will find some items labelled more.

Sep 17, 2020

Which Candle Are you?


Little Miss London candles

Little Miss London is a boutique candle label inspired by London’s fashionable neighbourhoods, exploring the diversity and ambience of the different areas England’s infamous capital city has to offer.
Little Miss London came to life to address the gap between ‘affordable’ and ‘adorable’ in the luxury candle market. To achieve this we created candles with personalities relating to their named location along with a bespoke individual fragrance.
Little Miss London brought to life, romantic Little Miss Notting Hill, the vivacious Little Miss Covent Garden, the ever-refined Little Miss Chelsea and the mysterious Little Miss Camden. Following the success of our initial four Little Misses we then added the star of centre court, Little Miss Wimbledon, the indulgent Little Miss Mayfair, our pretty ray of sunshine Little Miss Primrose Hill and not forgetting Little Miss Shoreditch our IT girl, never short of attention!

Amber – Honey sweet and decadent, the base note of amber is pine. It creates a warm fragrance and is thought to induce peace and relaxation whilst triggering feelings of happiness.

Bergamot - A type of orange, distinctive in Earl Grey tea with a heady fragrance and shown to relieve anxiety and improve sleep quality.

Cardamom – Sweet, spicy with wooden undertones. Grown in Asia/India, traditionally used to treat digestive problems.

Cedar Wood – A woody, sweet fragrance, said to improve cerebral activity.

Citronella – A cousin to Lemongrass, this energy boosting fragrance uplifts negative moods. It is also best known as a natural insect repellent.

Eucalyptus – Strong, sharp, fresh and pungent. Refreshing effects and is seen to promote concentration.

Geranium – Sweet and soothing with a rosy aroma. Nurtures and lightens the soul. Great for balancing the mood and calming anxiety.

Jasmine – Deep, musky tones with aphrodisiacal properties, increases romantic and positive feelings.

Lavandin – Also from the lavender family, it is said to help the respiratory system. Strong and herbal.

Lavender – Promotes calmness, induces sleep and deep relaxation. A sweet and floral fragrance.

Lemon – As well as creating a clean, fresh crisp aroma, the aroma can improve mood and promotes relaxation.

Magnolia – A exotic, fruity aroma. Calming yet uplifting and can ease worry and tension in mind and body.

Mandarin – An intense, fresh scent of sweet oranges. Deeply restful, it is great to battle grouchiness and overtiredness.

Nutmeg – A sweet, spicy aroma with woody undertones, known to be an aphrodisiac, stimulating the nerves in the brain.

Orange – Though citrus scents typically energise, orange actually calms and can work as an antidepressant, giving an anti-anxiety effect. Derived from orange rinds.

Patchouli – This intoxicating scent has a dark, musky-earthy aroma and can be grounding, balancing and harmonise moods.

Peony – A romantic, powdery floral. This fragrance evokes springtime and makes for pure relaxation.

Petitgrain – Extracted from the leaves and green twigs of the bitter orange tree, so less citrusy. This intoxicating fragrance is recommended during stressful episodes, to promote calm.

Pine – An uplifting and clearing scent, imagine Pine Forests, used to eliminate fatigue and enhance concentration.

Rose – This sweet fragrance can treat anxiety and depression, PMS and known to create affection and boost libido.

Rosemary – Pungent and Lavender like. A stimulating and energising scent which is a cognitive stimulant and can help you have vivid dreams.

Sandalwood – For centuries this sweet, woody scent has been used in religious rituals and is often a base in perfumes and colognes, particularly in male grooming. It can grounding and uplift feelings.

Spearmint – This crisp, cool scent lifts up your spirits and its use can be dated back to before the Greeks. It has the power to uplift your mood and freshen your mind.

Vetivert – Derived from aromatic grasses, native to India. It has a grounding scent and creates tranquillity. Can promote concentration and memory.

White Cedar – An invigorating, sweet conifer aroma, can be physically energising.

                          Click here to see what Little Miss You are

Sep 16, 2020

Mad Beauty Disney Pop Princess


Soak & Sleep Christmas Gift Range


Soak and sleep gifts

Treat that special someone this Christmas with the Soak & Sleep gifting range
After a long year, finding the best presents for family and friends should be stress-free. Luckily, Soak&Sleep have launched a beautiful range of luxury gifts, perfectly priced and guaranteed to get you on the nice list. From snuggly faux fur throws and hot water bottles to silky eye masks, and new stylish colours in our best-selling silk and French linen bedlinen ranges. Available to pre-order on the site from September.

Gifts under £20


Luxury black-out Silk Eye Mask in Zinc & Pink £10

Faux Fur Eye Masks in Light Grey & Blush Pink £8

Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle in Blush Pink & Light Grey £16

Gifts under £100 


Faux Fur Throw: Silver Grey £85
French Linen new Navy addition starting from £30
                                                  Gifts under £150 
Natural Luxury Wool with Cashmere throws - available in Natural & Light Grey - £105 

Sep 14, 2020

Rex London Christmas Gift Ideas


Rex London kids Christmas Ideas



Wooden plane £2.95, rabbit night light £4.95, French skipping set £3.95, rabbit bath sponge £2.95
Scented sweet highlighters £5.95, scented ice cream and scented macaron erasers £3.95, ice lolly bath sponge £3.95 

Play tickets £2.95, wooden yo yo £3.95, rainbow sponge painting set £4.95, bamboo toothbrush £3.95
Wild Wonders kaleidoscope £3.95, Top Banana snap band £2.95, Secret Agent spy glasses £3.95, sausage dog pen £2.95


Wooden boomerang £6.95, Toby bento box £8.95, origami paper planes £6.95, traditional diamond kite £8.95 
Handwriting practice kit £9.95, dinosaur excavation kit £6.95, dog dominoes £5.95, robot stencils £9.95
Knitting mushroom £6.95, tiddlywinks £9.95, polar bear night light £9.95, fairytale dice set £7.95
Make your own pull-back racing car £3.95, 'mouse in a little house' soft toy £9.95, Fuzzy Face magnet game £2.95


Wooden pull toys £9.95
Pizza play set £12.95, Charlie the Lion xylophone £19.95, wooden hammer deck £8.95
Circus stacking blocks £12.95, set of 50 wooden building blocks £24.95, music box £6.95, learn your numbers jigsaw cards £8.95
Miko the Panda socks £2.95, Elephant Party swaddling blanket £14.95, Bugs mobile £4.95, Cookie the Cat baby hat £8.95