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Mar 24, 2021

Amazon Easter Gift Ideas 2021

Children's Sweet Treat Easter Food Ideas.


Mar 21, 2021

High Protein Snacks For Children

Mar 12, 2021

How to Plan Activities With Children


Feb 6, 2021

Outdoor Activities To Do With Children

 It is important for children to be able to play outside and explore the world, not from the safety of the home. 

Jan 28, 2021

Sooper Book's Competition

Nov 2, 2020

Loving cuddles with children to develop mental health and development.

 Loving Cuddles With Children to develop Mental Health and Development

Having warm a loving cuddles with children is important not just to children's mental health and development but also bong building with family members. It also creates assurance to children that they are cared about and loved. 

Oct 24, 2020

What to Expect 0-3month Milestones

Oct 20, 2020

Items needed for a new born

 Being a first time Mum, you often wonder what you need. Many first-time mum's panic and over buy. They will often Google search and reach out to friends and family, who have had babies asking what they need to pack in their bag and what the children need for when they get home. Items are changing all the time, and recommendations. I have noticed a huge change in recommendations from my 15yr old to my now 2year old. However, this is a list of items that I feel you need no matter what year it is.  You will able to make sure you have everything required by using this printable checklist click here to view. 

Oct 11, 2020

Dairy Free Food For Baby- Toddler


Oct 3, 2020

Halloween Colouring Sheet


Another colouring sheet I have created

Click here to view and print

Oct 2, 2020

Halloween Hunt Printable.

 Iv put together this Halloween hunt, for children to be able to enjoy Halloween, they could also be used as snap style cards if cut out and print 2 off them. With covid-19 are a lot of families are going to be making their own entertainment, so i thought id make a hunt you can use to do at home with decorations ect. 

Click here to download

Sep 22, 2020

kids Twinkl Halloween Fun


Twinkl is a creative educational resource site. There is currently over 525,000 resources and resources get added every day. 

40, 000 of the resources are free and they also meet the Uk national curriculum, and have a number of resources for parents to use at home with children off all ages and even children with SEN are able to enjoy. 

Having two children with SEN it has been helpful to find fun and creative ways to get them to learn. My oldest is 15 but still enjoys the fun ways to learn subjects. 

Twinkl has a number of Halloween ideas from colouring, cooking, crafts and games. 


If you are looking for tools too be more creative with the kids, or wanting a word search or colouring sheets and have a printer then check out Twinkl. 

                                                       Click here to see their site. 

Want to take part in the Lego Challenge 2021 Click here to find out more

Sep 18, 2020

Snow windows Halloween


Snow Windows off Stickers and Stencils for your window to make it more fun. They also offer a more personal touch if that is required where "Tom" can design you what you have in mind to make your windows more fun and unique. 

They are normally £20 but currently on offer for £9.99 each. They are easy to apply and remove. 

Click here to view more

Sep 14, 2020

Rex London kids Christmas Ideas



Wooden plane £2.95, rabbit night light £4.95, French skipping set £3.95, rabbit bath sponge £2.95
Scented sweet highlighters £5.95, scented ice cream and scented macaron erasers £3.95, ice lolly bath sponge £3.95 

Play tickets £2.95, wooden yo yo £3.95, rainbow sponge painting set £4.95, bamboo toothbrush £3.95
Wild Wonders kaleidoscope £3.95, Top Banana snap band £2.95, Secret Agent spy glasses £3.95, sausage dog pen £2.95


Wooden boomerang £6.95, Toby bento box £8.95, origami paper planes £6.95, traditional diamond kite £8.95 
Handwriting practice kit £9.95, dinosaur excavation kit £6.95, dog dominoes £5.95, robot stencils £9.95
Knitting mushroom £6.95, tiddlywinks £9.95, polar bear night light £9.95, fairytale dice set £7.95
Make your own pull-back racing car £3.95, 'mouse in a little house' soft toy £9.95, Fuzzy Face magnet game £2.95


Wooden pull toys £9.95
Pizza play set £12.95, Charlie the Lion xylophone £19.95, wooden hammer deck £8.95
Circus stacking blocks £12.95, set of 50 wooden building blocks £24.95, music box £6.95, learn your numbers jigsaw cards £8.95
Miko the Panda socks £2.95, Elephant Party swaddling blanket £14.95, Bugs mobile £4.95, Cookie the Cat baby hat £8.95