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 Who is Sussex Special?

Sussex Special Handcrafted Candles are all handmade in the heart of susses, using the best ingredients which are all ethnically sourced by local British suppliers. , they are made in small batches and are hand-poured. They make sure each scent is perfect and are tested and refined only using the finest quality fragrance oil to create the signature fragrance of each candle. The candles are made in transparent glass jars using pure cotton wicks to make the candle. The company make sure that each candle is sent in recyclable plastic-free packaging to make sure that they are playing their part in the environment. They make sure that each candle is free of parabens, sulphites and phthalates without any preservatives, colours or chemical binders. All candles are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. 

Ordering online

Ordering online was simple and easy, the website is easy to use and the layout made things easy to find. I also used the search bar to type in words of fragrance that I enjoy like Vanilla and sweet and it came up with some candles. Sometimes it can seem intimidating ordering online when you have not used a company before, however, I like that they are able to list the ingredients and that they made it easier for me to find my perfect candle before I no what I like to smell. Once I had decided, I was able to add to my basket and then headed for the checkout, going through the check out was simple and quick, which i liked as nothing worse than lots of security and pages too fill in. 
If you love candles then click here to view the site. 


I was super surprised by the speed of my delivery, as the package arrived no more than 2days letter. It was hand-delivered by royal mail in my normal post. Due to covid 19 even though it was marked signed for, nothing is currently being signed for, however, he waited till I had picked it up to mark it as delivered. It was well packaged and no signs of damage. 


The candles are beautifully packaged and look beautiful. They also smell amazing too. The glass that is used for the candles and the shape of the jar, make the candles feel luxurious. The candles are easy to light and they burn well. They give off a lovely scent that fills the room. My mum even commented on how she liked the smell and asked where they were from. They also fit in well with any room, so I don't need to worry about them looking out of place. They look stylish and finish off any room. 

I defiantly think that these candles are worth buying and recommend them as gifts for family and friends. No one will be disappointed in receiving these because they look and smell amazing. What's more they are 100% recyclable, vegan and cruelty-free.

Rating 5/5

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 It is important for children to be able to play outside and explore the world, not from the safety of the home. 

When you have children the one thing that you want from life is to be a good parent or a great parent so how do you go about that?

This year 2021 it looks more and more likely that many of us will be celebrating Valentine's Day at home I thought I'd create this post on some things that I feel would make Valentine's Day at home feel more special even if you're single like me you can still celebrate Valentine's Day.

We all know that staying calm is easier said than done I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and I have done for many years. It hadn't been experiencing it as bad, as I have in the past. I haven't needed medication as I've been able to find ways to manage that so I thought I'd share them with you in this blog post. 

A lot of us have learnt a lot this year and in the past year especially with covid-19 going around and a lot of us feel the most alone. Most of us have never felt as lonely as we have since this pandemic hit us. I'm going to give you some of my hacks on how to date online and save money in the long run. 

Here are some activities to save money while dating online.  These can include being at home especially with the world and the pandemic, this is a good way to date and stay on a budget and keep safe.

With the world being so crazy right now I can't help to feel that this may be the New Normal that I have to adjust too and I've got to be honest it does frighten me,  does it frighten you?

 Finally, the end of 2020, so many people will be counting down the hours until the clock is at 12.01am and will celebrate hoping that the madness of 2020 is finally an end.  



 Children off all ages love and enjoy Christmas. It can be hard if like me you have a older child, or a child with special needs who struggles to take part in "normal" family activities. Crafts can be great for all ages and get everyone involved. 

 December Goal for 2020



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