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We all know that staying calm is easier said than done I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and I have done for many years. It hadn't been experiencing it as bad, as I have in the past. I haven't needed medication as I've been able to find ways to manage that so I thought I'd share them with you in this blog post. 

A lot of us have learnt a lot this year and in the past year especially with covid-19 going around and a lot of us feel the most alone. Most of us have never felt as lonely as we have since this pandemic hit us. I'm going to give you some of my hacks on how to date online and save money in the long run. 

Here are some activities to save money while dating online.  These can include being at home especially with the world and the pandemic, this is a good way to date and stay on a budget and keep safe.

With the world being so crazy right now I can't help to feel that this may be the New Normal that I have to adjust too and I've got to be honest it does frighten me,  does it frighten you?

 Finally, the end of 2020, so many people will be counting down the hours until the clock is at 12.01am and will celebrate hoping that the madness of 2020 is finally an end.  



 Children off all ages love and enjoy Christmas. It can be hard if like me you have a older child, or a child with special needs who struggles to take part in "normal" family activities. Crafts can be great for all ages and get everyone involved. 

 December Goal for 2020



Top 6 Foods for Improving Mental Health

Top 6 food to improve mental health

There is an increasingly exciting link of mental health with nutrition that is currently surfacing in the scientific world. While many suggest that the gut bacteria and the nutrients they make and uptake have a significant role in improving mental health, many also recognize how different foods can either directly or indirectly affect our mental health. Here are some of the top foods that are helpful for increasing mental health in humans:

  1. Bananas

Rich in endorphin and other feel-good neurotransmitters, bananas work well to decrease the mood swings induced often in the morning or general dysthymia. Another way this wonderful fruit can help alleviate the occurrence of bad moods is by helping in revitalizing good gut health. The soluble fibre in the banana is known to optimize the gut motility and improve the overall movement of the digested food to relieve constipation. As a result, the gut bacteria is in its best state, ready to produce all the important vitamins known to improve the mental functioning of an individual. If you are feeling low, don't forget to eat a banana, keep on reading to find the effects of other foods on mood swings.

  1. Milk

Milk is complete nutrition for all young children as well as infants for a number of reasons. The growth hormones naturally found in the milk for dairy, and are known to improve the growth principle in children who are given milk in their diet. The oxytocin hormone, in this regard, becomes highly suitable for aiding in feeling better against mood swings, dysthymia, and depression. Whenever you are feeling in a low mood, the best thing you can do is to take a fresh and chilled carton of milk from any vending machine.

  1. Berries

Berries are known to be the powerhouses of antioxidants. Antioxidants are highly important for reducing inflammation in your brain that causes it to have different mental health disorders. Common problems people might acquire include brain fog, memory loss, and mild symptoms of anxiety and depression. Berries are, therefore, beneficial for playing a preventive role against a number of illnesses of the mind and so must be included as a part of a routine diet – strawberries, blueberries, and whatnot – all berries are highly recommended for a healthy brain.

  1. Walnuts

Walnuts are rich in magnesium that is known to prevent a number of neurological disorders by appreciating the build of neuronal lipids in the pathway. Parkinson’s disease, Dementia, and others are pretty much prevented through the help of walnuts. Moreover, eating walnuts will provide you with HDL cholesterol that will prevent the occurrence of cerebral haemorrhage and stroke. What you get is a much healthier brain with a minimum risk of falling prey to diseases, such as the ones just mentioned here.

  1. Fish

Seafood, especially fish – fatty fish – is known to be among the most celebrated foods around the world – and just not that, its fame in the world of health and fitness is equally in the spotlight if not more. Fish contains a lot of healthy omega-three fatty acids as essential compounds that aid in the development of a healthy brain – the compound called EPA and DHA, have a big role to play in providing nutritional support to the brain, getting the most of the removal of inflammation going on in the brain possible. This way, you get to have mental health much protected from the dire consequences of avoidable processes such as inflammation.

  1. Wheat

Whole wheat products are specifically important for a healthy brain. This is because the whole wheat germ is loaded with vitamin B6 that is quite significant in improving mental health functions. If you want to protect yourself from feelings of anxiety, frustration, and stress, combining foods containing vitamin B6 in them can be a positive answer in this regard. It is, therefore, recommended to include cereals in your diet that are made from whole grains as they are loaded with vitamin B6 and other B vitamins. What’s more, the high dietary fibre that comes with consuming this product in your daily routine will help the gut bacteria to flourish and produce healthy vitamins for you in the body.

Final Words

The diet has an important role to play in determining a healthy brain. Be it symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress, or be it something related to memory loss or difficulty in concentrating, the way your body responds to these changes is one thing you need to understand. Getting a diet that truly syncs with mental health is one way how you can actually pick the right foods for your brain. However, these are some basic food items I have stated here to give you a basic idea of how to buy some mental health positive foods for you and your loved ones.

Do you feel any benefits when you eat this food?




 Where to Shop when your a plus size women

 Jolie Beauty, wanted to make sure their products are Cruelty free and vegan friendly and in order to do this they use synthetic hair for their brush sets. They also think that they are a lot better than real hair brushes, and produce better results which are longer lasting. Their eye lashes have been produced with this in mind and contain no mink, or animal products. 

They have made sure everything on their site is 100% cruelty free products. That no products are tested on animals, and where they possibly can use vegan products. All ingredients will be listed on the products page, so its worth checking before buying. 

Jolie Beauty also regally donate to a number of animal charity's and hope to work with, and raise awareness of animal testing.