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 Where to Shop when your a plus size women

 Jolie Beauty, wanted to make sure their products are Cruelty free and vegan friendly and in order to do this they use synthetic hair for their brush sets. They also think that they are a lot better than real hair brushes, and produce better results which are longer lasting. Their eye lashes have been produced with this in mind and contain no mink, or animal products. 

They have made sure everything on their site is 100% cruelty free products. That no products are tested on animals, and where they possibly can use vegan products. All ingredients will be listed on the products page, so its worth checking before buying. 

Jolie Beauty also regally donate to a number of animal charity's and hope to work with, and raise awareness of animal testing. 

I've been a stay-at-home parent for a number of years. What people don't realize is actually how hard it is especially when you have children on the autistic spectrum. 

My oldest is now 15, and youngest is 2 (again SEN) however the problems haven't stopped. He struggles with anxiety and panic disorders, there is struggles around school, if he will go to school. When he does attend, I get constant calls telling me things that have happened, or asking me to pick him up as he's not coping. Before he was 15 there was a lot of hospital appointments, specialist reports and meetings with school and other professionals. 

 I have now been out of work for around 5 years. Before that I was struggling to be a one-to-one special needs teaching assistant and midday supervisor. There were days when I had to call in sick or that I couldn't come in because my oldest with struggling to go to school, OR there was one of my many visits to hospitals and testing at clinics.  

 What some people fail to realize when people are classed as a career for their children, is that you don't get to stay at home doing nothing or that they at school because they are normally at home too. If they are at school you get constant daily calls telling you things that go wrong or they haven't been able to stay in class or that these meetings need to be held, things need to be put in place for them.  it's a full-on job 24/7. In my experience you don't even get peace in the evening, when they come home, as you have teachers following up with you, home work that been set. Again, a call normally to tell you what has goes on at school from another subject, or during break or lunch time.  

 Even trying to do simple tasks like going to the shop for food you end up with phone calls. There are always emails coming and going from my phone regarding things that are happening at school, or appointments that need attending.  Basically, I turn into reception for my son and also the Professionals involved.  I often end up chasing lots of professionals and for extra help as well, I also ended up asking school what has been put into place and how we're going to stop something from happening again. 

 You end up doing all of this plus struggling to do your everyday simple tasks. You often go neglected and miss your own appointments. You never have any time for yourself.  Your emotionally, mentally and physically drained from having so much to do 24/7. You often struggle to sleep, as you're on high alert.  you're often kept awake, with the anxieties and struggles from your children. If they are anything like my oldest, they will come into your room at silly times including 2 a.m. Just to tell you how worried they are getting a bus to school and the things that might happen later that morning at school. It might even be a something as simple as they're worried the front door isn't locked.  Never-ending the days roll into the same day and everything continues daily. 

I also have a 2yr old with SEN which I will also do a blog about and write about, as I am new to SEN in a child so young, as my oldest was diagnosed at 6yrs old ( now 15).

Life as a stay at home, looking after a special need's child, is nonstop. You don’t get to sit and watch tv all day, or even prepare food. You don’t even have a luxury of having a “wee” without the phone going off. I'd love nothing than being able to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea. But the simple fact is I don’t get that chance any time as a single parent with special needs children.  Even being able to go out as a family and enjoy holidays, is impossible as my son struggles with that too, which I will do a blog about.  

If your looking for ways to be more content then click here to read more on ways to help make life more enjoyable 

There is support for children with special needs especially if one of your children is older. There is a podcast about mental health you can find out more by clicking here

You're not alone as a single parent and blogger Rice Cakes and Raisins shares her parenting struggles here.

If you have a child who has issues with their tonsils like mine does and become very unwell click here to read about why a tonsillectomy might be the best way forward. 


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Another colouring sheet I have created

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 Anxious Mum

 If you have not heard of Airtime rewards then I'm here to tell you about them. Airtime awards allow you to earn money every time you shop with stores that have joined them. You then use the rewards to pay off your mobile phone bill. 

What Is Airtime Rewards?

Airtime rewards is an app which is made by the same people who work with 02 priority, along with the 2 4 1 orange Wednesday app, that a lot of people went on to love. It's downloadable in the app store on your mobile, so this may come under google apps or I phone apps. It's free to download. Once downloaded you enter your mobile phone number in which is on a pay as you go or on contact that you will wish to redeem the money back from. Once this has been done, it will then ask you to add all your card details that you use to shop online and in stores. This will then track your purchase to the shops and online stores. It may take a few weeks to show, but rest assured that the purchase will be tracked, providing your card details are entered correctly. Also from my experience please make sure when a new card arrives they are correct on the app, as I had a new card that had a different number and expiry date. 

How much have I saved since using Airtime Rewards?

Since Joining Airtime awards in 2019 I have managed to make £116.26 just from doing my normal shopping. You earn the rewards by adding your card or cards you normally use to shop with. Then when your shopping online or in-store, airtime rewards pick it up. This has not been a big lump sum, this has been the odd few pennies here and there and sometimes if there are big offers on the app then I have had a lump sum, my biggest was £8. Also, I do not check the app and then shop at stores because of the reward, however, I am aware that some people will check to see what the best cashback rewards are and the percentages for the rewards and choose to shop at that shop. 

The percentage of rewards

The amount of award amount changes every few months and can be anything from around 2% - 5%. There is a number of companies that have joined up the rewards from Clarks, Primark, Misguided, Bodyshop and boots. So why not earn money while doing your normal shopping? The rewards can change from time to time, so you may look at a store one day and find the reward higher or lower, they also have deals on sometimes and two reward rates based on the amount spent on shopping. Obviously, it's pretty clear that the higher the percentage the better the reward.