Online recipes to do with kids

Cooking and baking with a toddler can help the toddler develop a number of skills and bond with whoever they are making the recipe's with, this can also be a good way to let the children learn family recipe's and culture of their family. Some children may only do activities like this with their grand parents, there for looking forward seeing their grandparents, and excited about telling their parents, and showing them what they have made. It also gets children thinking creatively , about what designs they way want to put on their cakes, or biscuit's. Cooking allows children to be creative, and messy which helps with sensory play. Children can develop there fine motor skills buy picking up the dough if making bread, or shaping cookies. With cooking you need to know measurements to make sure your putting the correct amount of each ingredient into the mixture, this helps toddlers count, by marking out how many eggs they are using or how much water they are adding. 

Remember google is your friend and you can find pretty much anything online now, here is a few recipe's i have found online, which i recommend. 

Bbc Food Edible name place biscuits

 Healthy Sugar Cookies from blogger Yummy Toddler Food 

Leaf Cookies from Delish

Bbc chocolate brownie cake

Jan'sfamilynotebook's chocolate buttons

Betty Crocker cooking with kids


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  Obviously the normal trick or treating is not advisable and the rule of 6 means that no party's can go ahead.

Normally even with my big age gap of a 15yr old and a 2year old we would head out and get the candy and see lots of other parents and children on the way and be able to admire the fun and creative decorations people do to the outside of their homes. Having my 2 children with asd can also make the event harder, as they react differently than children there normal age. 

  • Have family around(sticking to your household, or bubble if not more than 6) - Iv joined the bubble with my sister and her 3yr old son , and also my mum and stepdad , so we are over 6, but being a single mum and my sister being a single mum we both need support not just from each other but also my mum and stepdad. 
  • Hold a Halloween party and decorate below are some must have items from amazon to help decorate and have fun for the Halloween party.