Apr 20, 2022

Let me be your Yours Clothing Stylist


Yours clothing is a brand that I have shopped at for a long time, however, in recent years the clothing that they offer has become a lot more fun. When I was younger I was limited in the stores I was able to shop at and you would often find me wearing a lot of black, thinking that this is what fat people wore because they were not part of the fashion trends and able to wear items that made them stand out even more. However yours clothing has made sure you stand out for the right reasons! 
That is why if you are plus size and have never shopped there, then you need to head to your local store, or check out online, as you are able to look amazing and dress how you want. Don't get me wrong, atm yours doesn't have a range of crop tops like other plus-size stores do on the market, but maybe they will arrive soon? However you will find, a colourful range of dresses, tops, leggings, swimwear and even underwear. They also offer a range of bags to allow you to express yourself and buy a full outfit for your daily lives and special events. 

Below I have put together a range of items to make some outfits for a few events. 

 Want some help planning an outfit feel free to get in touch :) 

              Pastel Hair Band   Blue Chain Bag  Block Heel   Jeggings   Body Suit   Blazer

Boots   Dress    Hat   Jacket Bag

Feb 1, 2022

Enjoy Fitness When Plus Size

Society sees plus-size people as people are lazy and unhealthy and the reality is that a number of plus size people do care about their weight and health. Many people think that thinking about health and weight, well being is all about losing weight when actually it is about putting yourself mentally and physically in a good position to look after yourself and others around you. 


  Simple daily things all add up with exercise and this can simply just walking to the shop, and not being lazy. being overweight and going from 0-100 will be hard work but it's not about getting to 100 even if you manage to move more than normal, to get the blood pumping around the body and stop blood clots from not moving about. cleaning is a huge part of the exercise and people don't even realise they are working out when doing it, picking things off the floor and putting them away, sweeping around the floor and even hovering are great ways to exercise and you can do this in short little bursts where you spend 10mins on one thing, doing this daily will get your blood pumping around the body, take the pressure of the joints and also make your mental health feel better. 
There are a number off free workouts in youtube if your stuggling to move. Also the nhs couch to 5k is a great way to start to move your body more. It may seem hard when you first start working out but this is the first hurdle to over Come as it will become easier. 
If like me your plus size and stuggle with mobility then I say aim for a low amount steps even if you do 50 steps every 30mins it all adds up and you can rest in between. 
Getting blood flow moving and the body using bones and muscles that it hasn't before or in a long time means that you may have aches so remember to do some slow stretching movement and even relax in a nice warm bath before bed. It's also important to take rest days. 

Clothing and footwear

Making sure your wearing the correct clothing and footwear is a must, for daily life, there are nothing worse than wearing a bra that rubs, knickers that dig in or shoes that make your feet bleed. You need to feel comfy when at home and also when you do work out with exercise at the gym or at home. Finding fitness clothing for plus size is much easier in 2021 big brands like Adidas also offer amazing fitness was to support plus size, I wear a 4xl and managed to get a whole outfit, which is stylish and comfy and enables me to walk the dog and also feel comfy around the house. 
Making sure the clothing is easy and comfortable to wear enables you to be able to move more. 

Healthy/mindful eating

Enjoying fitness doesn't mean that you need to be on a diet, however making sure you eat healthily and being mindful about what you eating makes your life and fitness improve. Having High protein in your diet keeps you feeling fuller for longer which means you are less likely to snack. Using fruit and veg to crave the sweet tooth can also be a big help, as having sugar treats and snacks give you a quick high but then make you crash afterwards, so filling the body with positive food means that your body is getting things it needs in order to function. This there for then helps you daily and hopefully means your getting all the vitamins and minrels in your body which can help with beating tiredness etc.
Some small steps I recommend are

° Eat from a small side dish for every meal (yes can fit maybe 1 slice toast on it), but this ticks your brain to feel like you have eaten alot and also you consume less calories.

° Drink at least 2l off water, if your working out then you actually need to drink more to replace the water your losing from sweat.

°Sleep is vital to allow your body to rest and get the energy it needs so that you can move your body the next day and it also allows the body to heal, which is why it's vital to take rest days to allow your muscles to heal after alot off exercise.

° Eat protein this is to help you feel fuller for longer but also to help build and support your muscles when working out. It's not just for body builders but for anyone who does fitness. Aim to have about 60g off protein a day, this can be in milk, yogart, meat, vegan products and eggs.

° Meal plan, plan your meals to help stop snacking and allow you to make sure your getting the correct amount off calories in daily.

° Eat at least 5 portions off fruit and veg, the portion is important as many eat more than a serving/portion and also not to blend it but actually eat it. When you blend the fruit/veg into a smoothie your actually consuming more fruit and veg than you could actually eat as its in liquid form. So actually eating a portion off fruit and veg daily will make you feel fuller and also means you get the right vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Nov 22, 2021

The Big Christmas Giveaway

Where has the year gone? Christmas is nearly here and as the clocks have now gone back, It's becoming darker early, colder and many of us long for snow. Many of us have not resisted the urge to get the Christmas tree is up and fill homes with joy, the houses are being lit with their Christmas decorations and garlands, we cant hold in the excitement any longer, With all the planning, decorating, organising and people planning their Christmas wishlists, and treats for the big day. I hear more and more Christmas music being played and the excitement of the Christmas movies on the Christmas channels and being able to snuggle up with a warm fluffy blanket while enjoying sipping on the creamy hot chocolate in a nice big mug, with squirted cream and soft mouth-watering marshmallows. At our home, Christmas can not come soon enough and the kids are all ready planning the big day and talking about making magic for an event to remember. As Christmas is just around the corner, I wanted to share some magical cheer and there is no better way to celebrate than holding an amazing spectacular giveaway with some other fantastic bloggers and a brilliant brand who love Christmas just as much as we do. Everyone loves beautiful homeware, and money so we wanted to have a banger of a giveaway and give you a huge celebration and enable you to win some stylish home gifts from a UK based company that sell homemade items, along with a massive cash prize of £400 to spoil yourself or your loved ones this Christmas. You can not beat a fabulous competition near Christmas to help reduce the stress and add a bit of sparkle to your life. Many of you know from my social media that I'm always entering competitions, so why not get the buzz and enter this amazing gift of joy and light up your Christmas.

Make sure to check out the other Bloggers that are taking part in this incredible giveaway. And read on to find out how you could win this mammoth prize!

Bloggers Taking Part

Reinventing Neesha | Mummy Fever | Lipgloss and Curves | Melanie's Fab Finds | Rachel Bustin | Home and Garden Things | Thrifty Chap | Boxnip | Millenial Saves | Jupiter Hadley | Pounds and Sense | We Made This Life | Renovation Bay-Bee | Ami-Rose | Futures | At Home With Alice | Lisa's Notebook | Alice in Sheffield | On Your Journey | Two Hearts One Roof | Life in a Breakdown | Monethalia | The Diary of Jewellery Lover | Pink Oddy | Skinned Cartree | Stapo's Thrifty Life Hacks | Wander & Luxe | Reality in Reverie | Christmas with Katie | Make Money Without a Job | Rice Cakes and Raisins | Just Average Jen | Life Loving | Scandi Mummy | Real Girls Wobble | Five from the Swich | The Financial Wilderness | The Amazing Adventures of Me | Spilling Life Tea | Voluptuous Chatterbox

The Prize

Your home is your sanctuary, so surround yourself with things you love.

One lucky winner will win a unique homeware upgrade package worth over £600 from Arca plus £400 in cash!

Arca Lifestyle is an eclectic lifestyle and homeware brand based in Norwich. With a range of hand-curated products from across the globe, Arca provides the latest trends to brighten any home as well as original gift ideas for those you love.

Arca has been created with the goal to help individuals find homeware pieces and prints that spark their soul, offering unique products that are not available elsewhere.

Visit www.arcalifestyle.com to see the full range of products and prints available.

How to Enter

Follow Arca on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arcalifestylestore/

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Once you have completed the above entry options via the Rafflecopter widget below you will unlock more ways to enter. The more you complete the more chances you have of winning.

The competition ends at Midnight on Sunday the 19th of December and a winner will be drawn on Monday the 20th of December.

For full entry terms and conditions please see the rafflecopter widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Nov 11, 2021

How To Plan Christmas With Special Needs Children


Plan christmas with special needs children

Nov 3, 2021

Disability Living Allowance

 Disability Living Allowance For Under 16's